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19-year-old from Karachi attempts suicide after boyfriend blackmails with photoshopped images

Defamation has become the newest, most toxic, and negative trend over social media. Editing fake pictures and threatening to leak them has become very common.

A 19-year-old girl from Karachi attempted to take her own life after becoming a victim of ‘revenge porn’ photoshopped pictures. Since she refused to send her exposing and explicit pictures to her boyfriend, the guy photoshopped her pictures to defame her and stain her character.

While talking to a social media outlet, the girl narrated her story. She talked about her relationship with the boy and how when she refused to send him her personal pictures, the guy, along with his friends, harassed her. After she blocked the culprit and his friends, they sent her some fake edited pictures of her, after which she decided to take her own life to save her and her family’s honor.

She further added that she was fearful of telling her family since even her friend wouldn’t believe her. However, she gathered the courage and told the truth to her family, who were very supportive.

It is not known whether the girl proceeded to take legal action or not. Cases like these make us realize how important it is to have proper laws for social media. It is essential to educate users and especially girls, about the legal actions that can be taken against such individuals and how to stay safe.

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