Women Empowerment – Still A Challenge In Pakistan

Empowerment is authority or power given to someone to be able to do something. So by definition one can tell empowerment is more of a fundamental right rather than a privilege. Some would disagree. Case in point- Pakistan.

One of the founding steps on which success can be based is first & foremost individual emancipation. Social, Economic as well as educational & legal empowerment of our women is crucial for our country to develop further. a difficult task to achieve in an underdeveloped country.

Ensuring Equal Rights and Free Choices For All Is Crucial

Specially for the women

Area’s That Need To Be Worked On-

  1. Education as well as equal employment opportunities available for women need to be worked on. Specific and binding laws should be in place to protect women in the workplace as well as in public places.
  2. Acquired skills & training centers are key in this aspect. When an individual can fend for themselves they are more financially sound & mentally independent. This can happen only when you have either a strong educational background or a polished skill set to back you up. Both can establish means for providing stable income to an individual.
  3. Women also need to feel protected and secure while working in public places & offices. The feeling of freedom
  4. Gender discrimination needs to stop. Decision-making power has to be handed over to women no matter how trivial in the beginning.

Gender Mainstreaming is essential for the growth & prosperity of any country. Nearly half of the population of Pakistan are in fact women. This raises the question (quite justly so) – Can any country progress when half of its population is a burden on its own economy due to lack of resources & empowerment?
Education needs to be available in easy accessibility to ALL. According to an estimate nearly 22.5 million of Pakistan’s children – in a country with a population of just over 200 millionare out of school, the majority of them are girls. Thirty-two percent of primary school age girls are out of school in Pakistan, compared with 21 percent of boys.

Every woman has the right to be protected from violence and harmful practices in contexts affiliated with both development and humanitarian grounds. Activities that promote women’s self-worth, right to determine their choices, access to opportunities and resources, right and power to control their lives – both within and outside the home – and ability to influence social change are the need of the hour to instill change in the Pakistani mindset.

Here’s hoping for a better future for the women of our country!

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