We asked employers what most people miss on their CV, here is what they told us!

Tired of waiting around for the job call? Has hopelessness, stress, and anxiety taken over your mind? Are you over-thinking, stressing over how you keep missing chances one by one?

Pakistani universities, while giving you a degree, forget to guide on how to use it. Hence, clueless, we don’t have any roadmap on how to write the CV.

But don’t worry, we have got your back!

In my opinion, when it comes to the CV, it is more important to be aware of the DONTs than DOs. Hence, there are things that are an absolute NO-NO when you are writing a CV.

  • One generic CV is a big NO!

One common mistake that we all make is throwing one generic CV literally everywhere that we possibly can. It is a big NO. You always need to make small alterations and make it appear ‘appropriate’ to the job requirements. Remember that!

Also, there is no need to mention ‘explanations’ about your previous jobs. For example, “left the company because – I had a baby, had an accident, left to avoid relocation, ……”. Avoid it as it may have different interpretations for different people.

  • Personal information (what to include and what not to)

This one can be tricky, and hence, the most significant as well. You must include your name, address, email, and mobile (all active). Avoid putting the address of some remote area even if it is your permanent address. It can make you lose inaccessible.

  • Do you need to put in ‘links’?

Well, yes, you do. But you need to put in the right links. Your CV must include your Linkedin profile, Skype and website, and to your portfolio.

Lima Sehgal, HR Advisor at Resumes and an active consultant at Linkedin, says that ”what not to include are links that make a person move out of your CV and into your company or college website or to other places on the internet.”

  • Photographs

VERY important! Your photograph needs to be in formal attire and should show your frontal view. The background behind you should be clean and clear.

You should have two versions of CV with you: with a picture and without a picture. Avoid sending the one with photograph unless it is explicitly required.

  • Do NOT include statements of self-praise

A common mistake that we all make is this. You need to send out a clear message about your capabilities, but without sounding too self-obsessed and narcissist. Take the following statement for instance:

“Looking for a middle or senior position with an organization where I can contribute…”

The employers are not interested in what you are looking for and what you want. What matters to them is what you can offer them. Hence, write a short summary of 2 to 4 points precisely explaining what your expertise is. It will make your value clear for them.

Did you find this helpful? What else can we help you with? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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