The Bitter truth – Educating our daughters should be a priority NOT marriage!

Growing up as a little girl I would always hear my elders talking about how so and so’s daughter has reached a marriageable age.

Some 20 years back, girls were married pretty young usually when they would turn 16 or 17, parents would start worrying that their daughter will exceed her prime age for marriage.

Girls were processed to believe that after marriage they will be the responsibility of their husband who will look after her financially. Once married, the girl would live with her husband who would provide for her and would take care of all her needs financially.

Well as time moved on, the mentality of our society also started changing. More and more girls started to acquire further education not limiting themselves to certain ‘supposedly girly’ fields. They started exploring new horizons and made sure they would not leave any field or program untouched.

Now looking at the present we can see how our society has changed for the better. We can see women excelling in every field and working at par with men. Gone are the days when girls were married off at tender ages and there was no talk of pursuing their education. Thankfully parents have understood the importance of education for both girls and boys and they leave no stone unturned in order to help their children achieve their goals.

Now comes a very important issue.

Time and again we see cases where a girl becomes helpless after the death of her husband or father. She has no one who can support her (or her kids if she has any) financially.

Where does she go? Who does she turn to? She has no education or a degree that can land her a suitable job. Who does she cry out to for help?

Things would have been different for her if somebody had sat her down and told her how important it was for her to complete her education and then get married.

This mentality of ‘oh why would you need to work after getting married? Your husband will look after you’ OR ‘why would you want to study further? You are going to get married anyway and it’s not like you are going to work. You will be looking after your husband and kids’ needs to change.

Our girls need to be empowered.

When you can fend for yourself, its a whole new feeling!
Empowered women can:

  • Work side by side with their husband and share the financial load.
  • Support themselves independently without having to look up to anyone.
  • Have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Look after themselves at times of crisis.
  • Lastly because it their basic fundamental human right.

We need to come out of this shell regarding girls that marriage is everything. Education is everything” should be our motto. You can never be certain about the future. It is our duty to make our girls independent and strong enough to tackle any hurdle that life throws their way. Do let us know what you think in the comments section.

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