Natasha Ali shares her night-time skincare rules and NOW we know where that glow comes from!

We all know about the famous Natasha’s salon and the owner Natasha Ali, who is very well-known for her talent. The makeup artist has some splendid makeup skills and is perfect at what she does.

But other than Natasha’s makeup skills, which can make anyone look flawless, she is a pro at skincare too and often emphasizes how important it is. She spilled out some secrets about her night-time skincare routine and we cannot wait to try them out since the artist’s skin is healthy and glowing.

Natasha’s nighttime skincare session

She told the key point to skincare and it is, switching between products. When the skin gets used to certain products and ingredients, the product stops being effective anymore. This is why it is important to keep replacing skincare products from time to time.

Natasha starts off her nighttime self-care session by removing her makeup or cleansing her skin. She uses Bioderma’s micellar water and suggested that you don’t rub the eye while removing makeup, because the eye area is very sensitive. She recommended removing makeup from the eyes and lips first before moving to the rest of the face.

After the makeup is removed, the artist uses a double-cleanse system. This includes ‘Salina Cosmetics Glow Melt’ and ‘Tatcha Deep Cleanse Exfoliating’ cleanser. She leaves it for 5 minutes before removing it with a hot towel. This removes all the dirt from the face.

Natasha then washed her face and after drying it, she applied Pineapple C-Brightening Serum, an eye cream (Rose Cream Light by Dr. Hauschka USA), and Origins day/night 3 part Harmony Eye Cream Duo. She doesn’t forget the lips and uses the Cobie Glow Rose Salve Lip Balm. The artist ends the routine with her own hand-made rosewater.

Here’s Natasha’s complete skincare routine video:

Natasha Ali Lakhani says that people have always asked her about the secret to her healthy and radiating skin. She told us that it is not ‘makeup’ that ruins the skin and causes breakouts; it’s the fact that people do not put any effort in properly removing it.  

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