Is shaving the key to having great skin?

If you’re active on social media and follow enough beauty influencers you’ve most  likely heard of a secret that’s recently been let out into the world, we always wondered how these influencers apply foundation and make it look like  skin? What am I doing wrongggg? 

Turns out, they shave their faces 

*gasps in the distance* followed by the classic *NAAAAAHHHIIIIIIIINNNN* no razors for women go get waxed! – let’s settle down and see what does this even do

Huda Kattan, one of the biggest beauty influencers swears by shaving! She recently revealed that this is her secret to incredibly smooth skin. Hey, if the founder of one of the world’s leading makeup brands “Huda Beauty” tells me her secrets, I’m listening. 

Shaving the peach fuzz on your face is good for scars, helps exfoliate, and has anti-aging benefits. But most importantly,

“Makeup application just becomes SO much more beautiful when you do it!”

Huda says in her YouTube video. 

So how exactly does one go about this?

Before we start, be mindful that the skin on your face is very sensitive, be gentle with it to minimize any irritation and you’ll be just fine. 

Steps –

First, Get yourself a new, sharp razor. These can be tinkle razors that are usually used to shape eyebrows or actual face razors too. They just have to be fresh and sharp. A dull razor will tug on your skin and cause irritation. 

Now, you’ll wash your face, a clean face will make sure you get no infections in case you cut yourself by accident. (It won’t happen If you are gentle and take your time) 

Just like any other part of your body, you’d now prep your skin by exfoliating gently. Exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells that can block cut hairs from breaking through the surface of your skin

Now, you can apply a shaving gel or oil if you want or just go in with some water, you just need something to make it smoother for the razor to glide over your skin. 

Its time, lightly press down on your razor blade at a 45-degree angle. Shave slowly in short, steady strokes in the direction of the hair growth to prevent skin irritation.

After you’re done, apply your moisturizers and serums, they’ll actually soak in deeper when your face is all clean and shaved. Try to stay away from alcohol based or highly fragrant products because they might irritate the skin. 

Will shaving my face give me man hair?
I don’t want admiyon wali beard.

It will not, Shaving will not cause hair to grow back thicker, faster or darker. A razor blade cuts away facial hair from the skin’s surface, not the root. This leaves the cut hairs with blunt tops that can appear thicker as they start to grow back through the surface, but they really aren’t. 

If you have PCOs and thicker hair growth, you might have to shave sooner to avoid a shadow but it won’t make your hair come out any thicker as it doesn’t alter the root, just the tips of the hair. 

Scared Of Doing It Yourself?

If you’re too scared of doing this on your own, your local dermatologist would offer a treatment called dermaplaning, where they take a surgical grade blade and gently shave off the peach fuzz and dead skin off your face.

Is this something you’d wanna try? Or are you going to stick to painful waxing? 

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