The Feeling of Emptiness: What Is It and How To Fight It

We all have those days when breathing becomes a task extremely exhausting. If I have to define the feeling of ”emptiness”- I will call it the big concave hole in your stomach.

You make desperate attempts to fill in this hole with friends’ laughter, love, companionship, food, sleep, shopping spree (and in my case, new makeup *guilty*) but it is there to stay.

But, what is the emptiness actually?

In the Western sociological and psychological school of thoughts, emptiness means something negative and unwanted, or a sign of ill health that needs fixing.

Contradictory to that, Eastern philosophies (like Buddhism and Taoism) define it as a spiritual insight or an essential part of human life. Whatever belief you are inclined towards, I just want you to remember that emptiness is not scary. It doesn’t mean you lack something, It is very human. What haunts us is the urge to feel whole, complete, fulfilled all the time.

I believe that the emptiness within us doesn’t need to be filled, it wants to be nourished, embraced and accepted. It should be celebrated as a normal part of your existence. Something that is part of your identity – just like your eyes, hair, and physical being.

Excercise Through The Emptiness:

There is a tried and tested psychotherapeutic technique called ‘focusing’, which can help you recognize and fight through the feeling of emptiness. Give yourself a calm, peaceful, good 20 minutes through it. You need your full concentration step by step without any distractions.

Here, try it, Goodluck!

  • Close your eyes. Try to locate the felt experience of emptiness in your body. Is it in your chest? Your stomach? Your heart? All of your body?
  • Try to get a sense of the outer edges of the emptiness you feel. Are they rough? Raw? Bleeding? Sharp? Broken?
  • Try to get a sense of the space inside the feeling of emptiness. Does it feel different from the air around you? Is it thicker, or lighter? Does it have a different color, taste, smell, quality? 
  • And finally: if your feeling of emptiness could speak, what would it want you to know?

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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