A GUIDE TO A BETTER CAREER: What soft skills should you focus on to excel in the job market in 2020?

The unemployment rate in Pakistan is quite high and with most of our population lying in the young age bracket, it is worrying as well. According to the available records, the unemployment rate in 2019 was 4.45%, which is slightly more than the year 2018 (4.08%).

This means that jobs in the market are less and streamlined, while the competition is tough. Moreover, 2020 hasn’t proven to be a good year for the ‘job market’ because of the global pandemic.

A similar trend is being witnessed every year as the industry specialists call the majority of the Pakistani graduates ‘unemployable’ due to the absence of skill-building and personality development.

Hence, we must all be looking for ways to stay ahead in the race. If we want to be competitive, we should be aware of the needs of the employers and the ‘soft skills’ that we need to impress them.

Below is a guide to help you get through anything and make it to the top.

Develop your ‘emotional quotient’

Emotional intelligence is one of the most ‘vital skills’ that needs to be developed in your career.
Taking control over our emotions and managing them along with the development of ‘sophisticated emotional capabilities’ are things that one needs to master and can only be achieved through practice.

EQ is based on 5 primary things: Social skills, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and being self-aware.

Emotional intelligence can be built by working on your observation skills, asking your work friends to provide you feedbacks with your work and working on them, etc.

Train yourself to be more ‘creative’

‘Practice makes a man perfect’
is something we have been hearing ever since we were kids. This implies to your creative skills as well. Creativity is not something only rigid or innate. There is a ‘creative element’ present in every individual. Knowing the right things and habits can actually trigger the creative part of your brain and make it work more efficiently. However, there are some small steps that you need to take for that.

Isn’t it amazing how we see our favorite artists being so creative all the time and coming up with new things and ideas? And ever wondered how? Well, it is simply because they treat creativity as a ‘skill’ which anyone can master with some hard work.

Initially, you need to know the habits that creative leaders have in them. Being open to new ideas and exploring the ideas more are two things which can be of immense help as well.

Be adaptable

One very important thing is to train your brain in a way to help you get through tough situations and the results of variable situations. Things might not be completely smooth many ‘ups and downs’ might come your way in your career.

One needs to be flexible to cope up with the changing times in the right way. Having a ‘broad viewpoint’ is what is needed.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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