Girl, struggling with money management? These 5 mobile apps will do that for you!

One way to stay on top of your finances is by learning the ‘tips and tricks’ to manage your money. We all want to do some savings but buy our favorite things as well. We all want to have something in our accounts by the end of the month but cannot resist spending too and well, you can do both if you master the skills of managing your finances.

Learning how to balance your money does not need some long procedures. Thanks to technology and the internet, you now have apps that also operate in Pakistan. These Apps work like your guides and help you perfectly balance your expenses and have some saving as well.

5 Apps to help you stay on top with your finances!

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Say good-bye to all those ‘old school’ procedures which you once used to follow and spend hours figuring out things. With these apps, all you need is a smart phone and leave the rest of the work to be done by them.


There are some expenses that are unavoidable but we all struggle with our guilt game whenever we shop. If your brain constantly reminds you about saving something up for the ‘bad times’ and you want to have even a little bit of money saved up in your account, then ‘Digit’ is the right tool to go for.

To use this tool, you simply have to connect your bank account with it. It will analyze your account and after every few days, you will have a tiny amount being saved up by going into your ‘saving account’ automatically. The app is smart enough to take into account your ‘spending habits’ and save in accordance with that.

The saving can be really handy in emergency or if things go rough.


Getting all the information about your expenses and having control over them has never been as easier but thanks to Wally, you can control your money in no time. With this app, you have a details regarding your spending, savings or your bank account in general right on your phone’s home screen. It also informs you about where you spent your money and how much.

Mint Bills

We all sometimes forget which bills are due if we have a lot going on and so much is on our plate. ‘Mint Bills’ is the right app to help you with it. It also allows you to make payments through the tool itself. Moreover, it notifies you whenever your bill is due and keeps on reminding you about the ‘deadlines’. So say good-bye to late bills and additional charges thanks to the app.


This app is free however you might need to pay some amount to unlock particular features. It is one of the most innovative tools you will ever find online to manage your budget and has the best ‘advanced features’. It supports numerous currencies and if you are going somewhere outside Pakistan for a tour, ‘Wallet’ is all you need.

You can simply switch the currency with this tool. It synchronizes with your bank account and you get every single detail about your expenses. Moreover, through the use of reports and charts, it explains your monthly expenses to you and if you have any due transactions which need to be made.

From predicting your transactions to planning your finances, this app will do it all for you.

Home Budget with Sync

Well, it isn’t a loss if you need to invest a little amount to save a great amount. This tool allows you to share your budget information with more than one device which means, it is a ‘family-friendly’ app. If you are from a family with a majority of the members working, you can collectively do some saving but for that, you will need none other than this tool. It will make you notice your spending habits by saving into the record where you spent your money.

From making lists of your expenses to managing your income, this tool is a master at all.

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