How unpaid internships are exploitation, NOT an opportunity!

We all have had some jobs that added values in your experiences – some fulfilling, some draining, many forgettable. But, speaking about myself, they had one thing in common…I was getting paid!

I have refused some ”great” opportunities (great, as the organizations were B.I.G) only because I find unpaid internship exploitation and a simple contradiction from the basic economic model.

Unpaid internships are designed to favor the upper class. They only strengthen the class difference and disparity. To speak about it, unpaid internships are simply career assistance for children of upper, richer class as anyone who needs to pay bills and make ends meet cannot afford to work without any pay.

Charles Murray in a New York Times Op-Ed says that “internships pave the way for children to move seamlessly from their privileged upbringings to privileged careers without ever holding a job that is boring or physically demanding.”

Internships have largely eradicated the possibility of breaking into the white-collar world through a salaried position, and internship culture has become a source of class division, favoring the privileged, pressuring others into financial sacrifices, and excluding others altogether.

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