CIRCLE arranges a digital marketing bootcamp for Gilgit-Baltistan female entrepreneurs

To make it through the tough market competition now a days, having a prominent online presence has become extremely important. Even if it is just a small startup, online business is still vital to attract potential customers.

Realizing how essential an online presence is, an entrepreneur from Gilgit Baltistan named Khalida Rahim made a Facebook page to promote her business of handmade jewelry. However, her page wasn’t able to gain the attention of the buyers as she was not very well aware of how digital marketing works. This is when Rahim found out a digital marketing bootcamp.

She and 30 other women entrepreneurs from Gilgit were selected to take part in the bootcamp which helped them understand the concepts of digital marketing. All of these entrepreneurs successfully made it through the programme despite their struggles like internet connectivity issues, harsh weather conditions, and power outages.

Khalida employed the strategies that she learned during the bootcamp and saw a prominent increase in the number of followers on her social media page. The digital marketing bootcamp was basically initiated by CIRCLE which is a Karachi-based set up in collaboration with an NGO, Rupani Foundation. The sole purpose of this bootcamp was to empower the women of Gilgit as claimed by the organisers.

The courses offered by the camp included search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, content creation, and life skills (confidence, etc.)

The Global Director of Rupani Foundation, Jalaluddin Shah, congratulated these women and also thanked CIRCLE for introducing the project in GB and also talked about how important gender equality is. He also informed that these graduates will not benefit their own businesses from the newly learned skills but will also act as ambassadors to educate more women in the future.

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  • Nasima Saher says:

    I want to be a part of this online digital marketing because you are doing good job.

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