How To Apply: FULLY FUNDED EPFL Summer Research Program 2020

Lausanne or Geneva | Switzerland
2 Months | July 8th to August 29th, 2020

The EPFL Summer Research Program (SRP) provides an opportunity for the students who have completed their two years of a Bachelor’s degree and those who are enrolled in their first year of a Master’s degree. The Summer Research Program is a fully-funded research program (all expenses covered).

There is no application fee for the program. Likewise, all nationalities can apply, including Pakistanis. The opportunity will provide an extensive chance to experience the beautiful culture, sceneries, and life in Switzerland.  Students will be encouraged to participate in activities that will expand their sphere of experience as well as knowledge.


I) CHF 3,200 for the two-month period which covers housing and living costs
II) >> CHF 1,000 for overseas flights and CHF 500 for shorter distances
III) A rich program of social activities
IV) Day hike to Swiss alps with raclette
V) BBQ at professors home and an excursion to the CERN
VI) Join on-going research in a lab
VII) Learn new techniques
VIII) Improve critical thinking and experimental design
IX) Prepare for future independent research as a graduate student
X) Mentoring by faculty and scientific staff


You have to be enrolled in a university in biology, biophysics, chemistry, bio-engineering, bio-informatics, quantitative biology, genetics courses or a similar life sciences program.

Students come with all kinds of backgrounds, but you should have at least a few mainstream Life Science courses


Deadline: 31st January 2020

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