5 tips To Make Your Monday More Productive!

For many years I’ve struggled with finding the right balance between work and personal life. There’s either one extreme or the other- nothing in between. No moderation.
My heart sinking every Sunday night anticipating the coming morning is something i should by now be a little used to at the very least.

But nothing, and I do mean nothing, ever prepares me for the existential crisis I face every morning when my alarm bell rings at precisely 7:30 am.
“Do I really need this job?”, I find me asking, well, me as I gather every ounce of energy to push mom’s ‘favorite-walay set ki chaddar’ off my legs to slowly but (not so) surely drag myself out of my totally unhealthy, one-sided relationship. (with my bed ob-vi)

Maybe the whole I need to be a strong-independent-woman cliche is highly over-rated. Maybe being a housewife isn’t so bad after all…… huh?! BLASPHEMY i think out loud to myself. The feminist in me disapproves, silently shaking her head in disappointment.

I forfeit from the war between Me & Me, because the latter always wins. Or is it the former..? oh well, i guess i’ll never know.

Regardless of the thoughts we have, hate them or love them – Monday mornings can either energize your entire week or jeopardize everything you love. However, if you start your week off right, you’ll actually find yourself not completely dreading Mondays at all. At least this is what worked for me.

Here are 5 steps to get you ready and chirpy to answer the door next time Monday morning shows up knocking!

  • Preparation
    Take a few minutes to summarize your achievements & To-do lists for the week. What tasks have you left incomplete? Where were you least & most productive during the previous days?
    Understand where you ended your week so you know where next week should start from.

    You should always be prepared.
  • Organisation
    Being organized is half the key to success. When you’ve kept everything in place & in-check you can be on your feet more quickly.
    Your productivity level goes through the roof!
    Experts say that you are better equipped to plan out your entire week on a Friday afternoon. Its the best time to create your P.O.A (plan of action) for the coming days.

    Organised thoughts are half the work completed.
  • De-cluttering.
    Clutter is an instant productivity-kill.
    You end up wasting time looking for lost items/important papers as well as limit the space you have for work.
    Make sure everything is in it’s place.
    Having a clean & organised desk space is KEY to a clearer mindset and hence more productivity. Always start your Monday with a clean-slate (You can thank me later).

    De-cluttering is de-toxifying.
  • Goal of the day
    Setting your intention for the day should be a very important part of your work routine. Keep it simple at first, like choosing one important task that you need to get done by the end of the day & then build up from there.
    Try your best to make the most of what you have. The essential part is committing to this. If something unplanned/bad happens, focus on finding a solution rather than losing it on why it happened.
    Do not be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect. We all have good & bad days. This too shall pass.

    Keep your goals of the day simple.
  • Treat yourself
    And last, but not the least, whether it’s a 20-minute tea-break during lunch at work or if it’s an hour of relaxation after- do not forget to recharge your mind & body!
    Take a minute to concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes & listen to your body. See if there’s any tension anywhere, any part that requires attention. Think about what might make you feel healthier or happier and commit to doing that after work.

    If you make a mistake, its OK. You will have another day tomorrow.

So this is it. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Leave your office with a clear conscience, enjoy your time off & have a smooth kick-start- post-weekend. Take that, Monday morning!

Congratulations, your Mondays just got awesome.

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