5 easy ways to practice self-love today!

Every day is a great day to love yourself, appreciate your individuality and celebrate your body. However, there are days when you need a bit of extra care and affection – from your own self!

The term self-love defines differently for everyone. For me particularly, it is my ultimate refuge on the days when I am falling apart, the hollow, concave feeling in my stomach or when I struggle to breathe. Similarly, the coping mechanism is different for everyone as well.

If you are struggling to detect your starting point and how to initiate your journey to self-love, I have jotted down some of the things that work for me.

? Carve out your self-love ritual:

To get centered while self-pampering, detach yourself from all distractions. Turn off the TV. Switch off social media. It completely renovates the experience.

My favorite way to do it is putting a thick, luxurious face mask on my face and watch some beauty videos. Makeup has always been my coping mechanism. It is a form of self-expression for me and distracts me from all that s going around.

? I am what I am!

Loving yourself is the most tangible, sustainable form of self-acceptance. It is bold, brave, and rebellious. And the first step towards it is whole-heartedly embracing and accepting that you are enough!

How I do it is by creating the “What’s Working for Me” list. For some reason, writing it on paper is therapeutic and it is easier to recollect what is going inside your head.

? Clean the room:

Cleaning can be more therapeutic than you initially think! Cleaning, decluttering and letting go of old things will make space new things and new experiences to come into your life! 

You need to get rid of things that are linked to a negative vibration. Try to detach yourself from what has already happened. Love yourself. Trust yourself. The best is yet to come!

? Do what you are good at:

You need a self-esteem booster. And there isn’t a better one than doing what you are best at! It will not only boost your endorphins but will also bring out the best of your creativity.

If you love cooking, then grab that cook! If you love makeup, grab the brush and blend it out. It really helps to channelize your energy.

? Work on your ‘letting go’ muscle:

We are constantly holding onto things in our past which can be the reason for our never-ending struggle. The key is to clear more blocks and create more area for yourself to live, love and breathe.

What’s heavy will hold your self-esteem down. Challenge yourself. Prioritize yourself. Because if you will not, who will?

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