This Pakistani couple is breaking stereotypes with their simple wedding!

East Asian weddings are known for being ‘extra’ and filled with heavy dresses and lots of jewelry. This is one reason why weddings are a big load and many Pakistani families feel a lot of pressure. Whenever the word ‘wedding’ comes to a person’s mind, all they think of are extravagant decorations, expensive clothes, and gold. These trends are normalized to an extent that the concept of ‘simple weddings’ has been long forgotten.

However, it seems like the younger generation is now well on its way to break stereotypes as this Pakistani couple made headlines because of their simple wedding. Not only were the decorations lowkey but this couple wore a simple shalwar kameez instead of heavily embroidered dresses on their big day. The bride can be seen in an olive green dress with no heavy earrings or lockets while the groom opted for shalwar kameez with a coat instead of sherwaani.

The two look absolutely adorable and Twitter is now flooding with people asking for a petition to normalize simple weddings taking inspiration from this beautiful couple.

The simplicity of this wedding is beyond elegant and we are loving it.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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