Muslim women have been allowed to perform Hajj without a male guardian

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj has made a landmark move for Muslim women who want to perform Hajj, scheduled in July this year. The female pilgrims can now perform hajj without a male guardian or mahram with them.

The Ministry took to Twitter where they tweeted the requirements and procedure of registering for #Hajj2021 using the electronic portal. It was clearly mentioned that ‘women can register without a mahram along with other women.’ They also revealed that this year’s Hajj has been limited to the Kingdom’s nationals and residents keeping in view the situation of the coronavirus pandemic. Other than this, those who wish to perform the Hajj have to be free of ‘chronic diseases’ and vaccinated.

Women have been given a number of social freedoms under the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. A few days back, a legal amendment was made through which women were allowed to book apartments and live independently without males or their consent in Saudi Arabia.

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