Meet Rani Khan, she set up the ‘first-ever’ transgender-only Islamic Institute in Pakistan

Violence against transgenders in Pakistan has been a concern for a long time. As the country is struggling to provide them with their rights, they tend to face discrimination in numerous spheres of life including education despite no official restriction on them acquiring education.

Pakistan’s Parliament recognized the third gender and gave them their fundamental rights in 2018 yet still they continue to remain on the last and are forced into prostitution and beggary to make money.

With little to no support to the third gender in the country, it is refreshing to know that the first-ever transgender only madrassa has been set up by a transgender Rani Khan.

Rani has spent all her life savings into the making of this madrassa. A well-reputed media outlet has shed light on Khan’s previous life. She was disowned from her biological family at the age of only 13. After being forced into begging and with no opportunities that these minorities have, Rani had to dance at weddings to earn for a living. However, a deceased fellow transgender convinced her to do something for her community due to which she quit dancing.

Rani Khan then attended religious institutes where she educated herself about religion and also studied the Holy Quran. She then broke barriers and opened a two-room madrassa a few months back where she teaches Quran. Her motivation behind the Islamic institute was to help those of her kind to achieve dedicated training without any discrimination and boundaries.

Khan also mentioned in her interview that the institute did not get any monetary aid from the government despite the officials promising to help the students. Rani collected some donations with which she is teaching her students to sew and embroider. She aims to sell cloths and raise funds for the school.

Rani Khan’s initiative is definitely a step towards progress and betterment.

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