Indian celebrities send love to Pakistan from across the border

With the ongoing unfortunate COVID situation in India, the whole world is showing solidarity with the country. In these hard times, something very positive has been seen. Pakistanis extend their well-wishes to India as the hashtag #PakistanStandsWithIndia trends on Twitter.

As per stats, over 349,000 positive cases were reported on Sunday. Pakistan has also offered medical help to their neighbor who is currently facing the world’s biggest COVID crisis.

The Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs revealed on Twitter that Pakistan has offered relief support to India including digital X-ray machines, Bi-PAP, ventilators, and more.

Edhi foundation also pledged to send India around 50 ambulances as the letter by Faisal Edhi to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was revealed.

Other than this, celebrities from the country have sent love and kind words showing support to their neighbor nation during these times. The stars and the general public has sent bundle of prayers to India.

Indian celebrities have also acknowledged the support they are receiving from their neighboring country and are thankful as they sent out love for Pakistanis.

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