[VIDEO] Indian doctors celebrate the first birthday of a Pakistani boy and it is absolutely heart-warming!

Hundreds of patients from Pakistan have received their liver transplants in India. Recently, at a hospital in Gurgaon, India, Dr. Soin successfully performed a liver transplant for a kid named Ahmed, who belongs from Karachi, Pakistan.

After going through a successful transplant, Dr. Soin, who is the Chairman at the Liver Transplant hospital, shared the heart-warming scenes on Twitter.

Along with the other doctors, Dr. Soin celebrated little Ahmed’s 1st birthday together at the hospital. All the doctors gathered together and had a cake cutting ceremony. They also had a lovely decor with balloons.

Dr. Soin shared the video and said that boy will love watching this clip when he grows up.

Ahmed isn’t the only Pakistani child whose life has been saved by the hospital, but he is the 50th baby from the country who went for a transplant and will return home with a new chance at life.

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