Celebrities cheer for Musa, make sure he never feels hesitant to wear glasses because of bullies

Little Musa, a 6-year-old boy, refused to wear glasses because he was bullied for them at school. The boy’s father, Zeeshan, took to Twitter where he shared a picture of the kid in glasses and asked how his son looks in glasses sharing that he is hesitant to wear them because he was told he doesn’t look ‘good’ in them.

Musa is one of those numerous kids who face bullying at a very young age from their schoolfellows. However, the public is making sure that those bullies do not shatter the child’s self-confidence.

The picture gained a lot of attention with the public cheering for Musa and showering him with words of kindness. People told him he looks super cute in glasses and even shared pictures of their own kids wearing in specs.

Not only this, but celebrities also took notice of little Musa’s picture and gave him a lot of love and words of encouragement. Pooja Bhatt, Zartaj Gul, and many more stars told the 6-year-old in the comments bar that he looks adorable and smart in specs.

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