This Eid is all about chokers, so here are 5 prettiest designs for you!

Eid is just around the corner however, many lack the ‘Eid spirit’ this year because of the lockdown and the ongoing COVID-19 condition. We believe eids should be special and despite the tough situation around a person, they should do all they can to find happiness in the little things and to celebrate the day with their loved ones in full spirit.

Every year has a different fashion and jewelry trend on Eid and this time, it is all about chokers. We have shortlisted 5 of the MOST stunning designs of chokers for you which you can rock this Eid.

1- Ghungroo choker

They might sound ‘too much’ but trust me, they don’t look that extra at all. This exquisite design of choker will be a perfect addition to your eid outfit even if it is a heavy, embroidered dress or a minimalist, plain one. We think this is a very interesting inclusion to your jewelry for the day and would definitely look stunning. It is classy yet traditional at the same time.

2- Gajra choker

This style of choker speaks elegance. It would top your eid outfit off in the best way possible. This design is a great way to add details to your outfit for the day. This is a versatile design that would look great on both shaadis and eids.

3- Old Afghan design choker

Afghani design chokers are beautiful. They look antique, traditional, and classic. There is a lot of variety and a number of options in Afghani chokers and necklaces that you can wear for eid.

Our favorite, Sonya Hussyn shows you how to do it with a absolutely simple shalwaar kameez if you think this choker is ‘too heavy’ for you.

4- Small minimalist bead choker

If you don’t want to go with something too heavy or if you are a minimalist jewelry lover, then the beaded chokers are just the thing for you.

These chokers are comfortable and summer-appropriate. They are interesting because they make it look like a lot of effort has been put into an outfit. They are comfortable to wear yet look gorgeous when paired with a dress.

5- Pearl choker

Pearl chokers NEVER run out of trend. They are also a good way to add grace to your outfits and look magnificent.

You have a lot of variety with pearl chokers as well. You can go with a simple minimalist design or a heavy one. Pearls are always a good option when you can not decide what to do and they are great for every occasion.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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