Tan France collaborates with ‘Atoms’ – A Pakistani shoe-brand

British-Pakistani-American fashion icon, Tan France, has collaborated with a Pakistani shoe-brand to release an exclusive and special pair of shoes. The celebrity stylist is working with the brand named ‘Atoms’ for a pair of special sneakers.

Atoms is owned by a Pakistani couple based in the United States. They took to Twitter to make the announcement of this amazing news.

The signature shoes are made comfortable to wear and have a chic design with stripes on them, both of which are Tan’s priorities.

According to the post’s details, the pre-sale for the shoes starts from 23rd February and will continue till March 2nd. Moreover, this is huge since it is probably the first-ever time that the renowned fashion-designer, known worldwide, is working with designers from his own motherland.

In an interview with Hello Pakistan, Tan France revealed that one of the countries he wanted to visit was ‘Pakistan.’ He also talked about receiving backlash for wearing an Indian-designer’s Sherwani to the Emmy’s. However, he said that he wasn’t able to wear one from a Pakistani-designer because Pakistani designers do not have as much of a prominent social media presence as do the Indians.

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