PICTURES | Sadaf Kanwal gives her Instagram an Eastern touch and we are totally loving the EID inspiration!

Sadaf Kanwal does not need introductions. She has been the topic of the town for quite a few months, especially ever since she got married to Shahroz Sabzwari. She and her husband had to face a lot of criticism on their marriage but it seems like the topic has finally died down.

Sadaf Sabzwari in a recent interview with Shahroz opened up about how she won’t work as much as she did before her marriage because she has a ‘big family’ which she now needs to take care for. She also talked about her happy life and how she handled the negativity which they had to go through for their marriage. The couple disclosed that they are appearing together on the screen in a comedy for Eid special.

Watch the interview here:

شادی پر تنقید: ’میں تو کہتی ہوں لوگ مزید بولیں تاکہ میرے گناہ دھلیں ‘

شادی پر تنقید: ’میں تو کہتی ہوں لوگ مزید بولیں تاکہ میرے گناہ دھلیں‘صدف اور شہروز سبزواری نے شادی شدہ زندگی اور نئے پروجیکٹ سے متعلق مزید کیا کہا، پڑھیے:

Posted by Independent Urdu on Saturday, July 4, 2020

With all this, one thing we have noticed after Sadaf’s wedding is that she has given her Instagram look an eastern twist which she is definitely slaying on all levels. Her stunning pictures in Eastern dresses are everything you need to see today. The model for sure looks perfect in every look.

Here are some of Sadaf’s recent pictures:

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