FASHION AND MAKEUP INSPIRATION: Here’s what Noor Zafar Khan wore at Sarah & Falak’s wedding

Noor Khan needs no introduction. She is one of the most stunning actresses from the ‘Pakistan’s drama industry’ and is famous because of her talented sister, Sarah Khan, as well. The two seem to be the industry’s favorites and are known for their ‘decent’ work. Everyone’s well aware of their talent.

Recently, Sarah Khan got ‘Nikkahfied’ to the singer Falak Shabir. Although the spotlight was on how gorgeous the bride looked, Noor did have her own ‘limelight’.

Both the sisters looked right on point for the ceremony. Noor was dressed up in extremely elegant dresses with the right colors which complimented her in every way. Her makeover was relatively very simple and exquisite. Along with Sarah, everyone was also delighted to see how elegant and beautiful Noor looked.

Here are a few of Noor’s pictures from her sister’s surprise ‘engagement and nikkah’ ceremony:

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