Is Aima Baig copying Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande has been a fashion icon for a few years now. Ever since she made it big in the world of singing she’s been inspiring high street fashion without even trying.

The baggy hoodies, thigh-high boots and the famous high ponytail – all have made a comeback since it became her signature style.

Aima Baig is a Pakistani singer. For a while now she’s been accused of “copying Ariana’s style” for while now, with comparison photos sweeping the internet every time Aima uploads the picture or is seen outdoors.

She usually doesn’t reply to photos and comments like these but she finally addressed it in an Instagram live.

She said:

“Sirf aik high pony kar leney sey, Ariana ki tarhan liner laga leney se, it doesn’t make me Ariana Grande”

“I don’t even want to be Ariana Grande. I love her, her vocals are an inspiration for all of us but like, I don’t wanna be her”

She went on to add “I love her style, sometimes I like Hania’s style, sometimes I like Selena’s style, sometimes I like Momina’s style and I think it’s okay if you’re inspired by someone’s style and want to try it out on yourself too”

Aima is a young woman who’s been in the public eye for a few years already. It’s hard to grow up in front of millions of people when “fans” think they’re allowed to pass comments on every move you make. All of us regular folk get to experiment and try out new things all the time but just because Aima is a singer she has to face a lot more scrutiny than the average person.

There’s also this weird stigma that makes it a bad thing if two women have a similar look. Women are conditioned to “shine brighter than all the other women” or simple “not be like other girls”. Well, guess what? We left that way of thinking in the 2000s. In 2020, we love each other. We love inspiring and to be inspired. If going for an Ariana style high ponytail make another woman feel happy and confident WE.ARE.HERE.FOR.IT

Today, being inspired and trying out someone’s style is a good thing – like it always should’ve been. You go girl!

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