Into Face Art? You must follow these 5 Instagram accounts NOW!

Instagram is a neverending sea of visual stimulation and inspiration. Our insta-feed is stuffed with everything from workout videos that are actually doable to stylish #OOTD pics to handsome men and gorgeous women with washboard abs and strong jawlines. And if it’s creative beauty inspiration we’re craving, we don’t have to look far. Just think of all the beauty trends that have been born on Instagram or the sheer number of makeup and hair tutorials.

Though there are tons of seriously talented makeup artists whose Instas are definitely worth a follow, there are some who go beyond flawless cat eyes and impressive contouring skills. They turn the act of applying makeup into a pure art form. We may not be able to wear most of the dreamy looks to work, but that isn’t the point. These Instagram MUAs push the boundaries of what you can do with cosmetics and fill our feeds with jaw-dropping images. 

Here are five of our favorite local Instagram accounts for face art:

1. Rubiya’s Artistry

Twenty years old Rubiya has skills that put her above many professionals as well. From recreating superhero looks to replicating Van Gogh’s starry night, Rubiya’s work only gets better with each look.

2. Makeup by JK

Jiya Jhurram is another 20-year-old self-taught artist on the list. Her Instagram is much more than just face art, but the creative looks that the young artist posts are hard to look away from.

3. Beha basic

Beha Zaidi is another self-taught artist on the list. From galaxies to skulls, Zaidi recreated them all. And she doesn’t just do them on herself!

4. Le Beauty Affair

While Rammal’s content is majorly about beauty, her looks aren’t just pleasing to the eye! They contain a more profound message which Rammal writes about as well.

5. Made up Shaheer

What made you think we would not have a male artist on the list? Shaheer Khan from Multan creates stunning looks using makeup, but his eye make-up is definitely the star.

What are your thoughts about this? Share in the comment section below.

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