Struggling to decide the perfect engagement ring? HERE is what these celebrities wore!

Engagement rings are definitely one of the most important ‘pieces of jewelry’ that any girl might own. People consider engagement rings to be something special and much more than an ordinary ring.

Since these rings have a lot of sentiments associated with them, every girl has an emotional fondness for them. Today, we have compiled a list of celebrities, who had the most gorgeous engagement rings.

Iqra Aziz

Well not very long ago, people criticized Yasir Hussain for proposing Iqra on Lux Style Awards 2019 despite them being ‘already engaged’. People considered the idea nothing but pre-planned and fake.

Iqra shared her engagement ring’s picture on her social media sites and stated how it was a very special moment for her. One thing everyone agrees with is that her ring surely is enchanting. The ring had one big chunk of diamond in the middle of tiny diamonds that covered up the whole ‘band’ of the ring. It was for sure a decent yet elegant design.

Sarah Khan

Sarah is being called ‘bride of the year 2020’ since everybody simply adores how she and Falak look together. Falak Shabir’s proposal to the actress is the new ‘talk of the town’ and it was simply very cute.

The actress announced her engagement by putting up a picture of herself from the day and wearing the ring on her finger. The ring is exquisite. It has the main diamond in the middle surrounded by two smaller ones. The band for the ring is made out of ‘platinum’.

Sanam Chaudhry

Sanam got engaged back in November last year and she has shared quite a few pictures of herself with the ring prominent in her hand. The design is definitely not an ordinary one. It has bands covered in diamonds and the biggest one dominates on top of the ring. It looks simply gorgeous in her finger and is definitely, made for her.

Sajal Aly

Sajal and Ahad will always be Pakistan’s favorite couple. She is one of those actresses who do not seem to wear their rings from the special day, regularly. However, Sajal’s ring can be seen in her engagement picture. It is a simple yet classy design which has a band made out of gold and a circular solitaire in the very middle.

Aiman Khan

Aiman got engaged to Muneeb Butt back in 2017. She has the ring on in every picture of hers. Again, it is a simple ring that is elegant in all terms. It has a big diamond accompanied by smaller ones and a gold band. It definitely compliments Aimen in every possible way.

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