Designers are coming up with “Bridal Face Masks” to help brides fight the Coronavirus

Kaarigars in Peshawar have come up with a way to make sure their bridal dress orders don’t fall in the coming weeks. With many weddings being cancelled or delayed because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the designers have introduced “Bridal Masks”.


پشاور ميں دلہنوں کيلئے کورونا سے بچاؤ کے خصوصی ماسک تيار#SamaaTV

Posted by Naya Din on Thursday, March 19, 2020

These masks are made with the same fabric as the actual bridal dress itself and are heavily embellished to match it too.

The masks are lined with soft foaming and the craftsmen spend two full days to complete every single mask.

Every mask costs 3000-4000 Rupees.

As the coronavirus spreads further, we’re seeing a rise in different sectors trying to capitalise on it. We’re seeing companies come up with their own versions of hand sanitisers and disinfectants. We’ve seen prices for regular masks and sanitizers rise exorbitantly and now these bridal masks.

Is it okay for businesses to capitalise on a crisis like this or is it all in good fun? Let us know what you think!

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