[VIDEO] Aiman Khan makes a COME BACK after a year-long hiatus with an explosive photoshoot!

Aiman Khan, after taking a break from the entertainment industry, is finally coming back to the screens.

The actress seemed to have pressed pause on acting ever since her marriage to Muneeb Butt, which was in the year 2018. She made this decision when she was at the top of her career.
The fans kept questioning her on and off regarding this and if they will be able to see her ‘back’ on the camera. Aiman, however, never made it clear and told everyone that her daughter was her ‘top priority’ and she is too small to be left alone.

Recently, Aiman Khan has given everyone a pleasant surprise by being a part of an advertising campaign for the new ‘Naubahar Chiffon Collection’ by Asim Jofa.

Here are clips of her from the campaign:

Aiman started her acting career at a very young age along with her twin Minal Khan. Both of them are loved and appreciated by the Pakistani audience for their talent.

Aiman Khan is also the ‘most followed’ celebrity of Pakistan. The last drama serial that she did was ‘Baandi’ in which she was featured alongside her husband Muneeb and some other top stars.
Although she did take a break from the industry, she wasn’t completely disconnected from it. She was also seen in different live shows this Ramzan.

The fans are expecting this campaign to be an indication of Aiman’s comeback. They are hopeful that soon, she will be on the big screen once again.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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