5 best shoe brands in Pakistan for women 2022

5 best shoe brands in Pakistan for women 2022

Shoes are important because they create a long-lasting impression on people around you. Good footwear is significant to complete your overall outlook which is why you should know the best shoe brands in Pakistan.

Other than aesthetic purposes, the wrong footwear could also contribute to injuries, hence you need to be careful about the shoes you pick. To make the choice easier, we have shortlisted the 5 best shoe brands for women in Pakistan.

1- Borjan shoes

Borjan has a range of different styles. They have some chic designs. The brand’s trademark is comfort combined with fashion.

Borjan has 123 outlets in about 70 cities in Pakistan which means they are easily accessible for many. Their footwear is perfect for every event.

2- ECS (Ehsan Chappal Store)

ECS would be your stop for traditional, modern, heels, khussas, chappals and so much more. They have a shoe for every event and you can never go wrong with ECS. Moreover, their bridal collection is very famous too.

Their prices are economical and their designs are exceptional.

3- Insignia PK

If you are looking for a luxury shoe brand then check out Insignia. Their shoes are perfect not only for festive purposes but for casual reasons too. They also have a cute range of flip-flops in different colors that are perfect for everyday wear because they offer comfort.

Insignia is known to have a wide variety of designs that are appropriate for weddings and other events too. Try them once and you’ll know why they are among the best shoe brands in Pakistan.

4- Regal shoes

Regal shoes is a known brand all over the world. They have outlets in Lahore and Karachi. However, you can purchase their shoes by shopping at their store online, all over the country.

The brand is known for coming up with durable, exquisite, and antique shoes. Other than offering heels and fancies, they also have sneakers, pumps, and wedges for women. Their collection is simple yet elegant.

5- Elegancia

If you are looking for exceptional shoes in terms of style and quality, then Elegancia is what you need. Their footwear is suitable for every kind of dress. They also have a different range of block heels, slippers, and flats, all at reasonable prices.

Their colors and designs are worth it.

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