They are scientifically proven to help us sleep better at night.

Winter is literally around the corner (i type while wearing a sweater on top with flip flops on my feet) & the weather is super weird. Too cold for the AC but too hot without. Regardless however – winter is coming *got that reference*

Now anyone who knows me, knows about my endless love affair with pj’s.
God knows if it were socially acceptable to show up at work in them, i’d get a pair in every color and be set for life.

You know how the saying goes –
PJ’s isn’t just pyjamas. It’s a whole new mood.

Almost all of my pictures are in pj’s. I rest my case. ?‍♀️
I got these from Bliss All Night & they are ahmazing.

Why Pj’s are worth
the investment?

Why? Simply because they can lead to better sleep. By buying a pair of quality pajamas – those made from materials designed to increase airflow plus breath-ability, as well as which are cut in a way to maximize comfortsleep quality does improve.

Even though there is little or no concept of self-care/pampering in Pakistan its super important to be comfortable in order to have a quality night sleep. It has a major impact on our effectiveness when we are awake.

I’m guilty of browsing through sleepwear whenever i get the chance & the best present you can ever give me is a cute pj’s set with a matching eye-mask, socks and maybe even a cute hot water bottle – see, not much ?

When it comes to types – i want ’em all.
Silky ones, linen-striped, shorts, overalls & even onesie’s.

I think the idea of sleeping in something cute/pretty is my biggest obsession as well as getting motivated by seeing how other girls feel while wearing cute jammies.

How do they help?

When a pair of pajamas are the right fit, they help you sleep sounder. The fact that you won’t be tugging on your clothes while you sleep lets you get more quality sleep- in comparison to distracted sleep often linked to, too tight or uncomfortable sleepwear during the night.

There is nothing like a nice set of pajamas to make you feel girly PLUS super comfy.
Getting out of a bath and slipping into your fav pair of warm PJ’s (especially during the winter) is a feeling that can not be put into words. 

Personally, I feel amazing in cute pajamas, which is why I think every girl should have at least one pair.

Which ones should i buy?

Which ones you should get, honestly just depends on what you are comfortable in. Whether you are petite, curvy or plus-sized you can even get custom pj’s made from your tailor. I just get ones that are ready-made. It’s less hassle. Trust me you’ll thank me for it.

If you think they aren’t worth the price (just to be worn every night at home), you can also buy a pair of nice pj’s & keep them for when you have guests over to stay at your house or if you are having a sleepover with your girl squad. Cute jammies should be mandatory.

I, for one, love lounging around in my pj’s. Even on weekend/weekday mornings when I sometimes have the luxury of not getting dressed early for work. I think it’s the little things in life that make us feel a tiny bit happier in ourselves. May you never be out of pretty pj’s!

Say -pyjamas, Think – ?

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