The unjustified hate under Senator Sherry Rehman’s selfies

Senator Sherry Rehman faces backlash under her selfies

Senator Sherry Rehman is a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). She is the country’s woman female Senate Opposition Leader.

Senator Rehman has also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US. The Senator is the founding chair and the serving President of the Jinnah Institute. She was the first Pakistani media person to be recognized by the UK House of Lords for independent journalism.

However, recently Sherry Rehman has been subject to a lot of ‘negative comments’ for her selfies. The Senator documents her life and posts the photos on the internet, but people are not fond of this. They often use derogatory words, abusive language and troll her for these photos.

Here are what the people say under her selfies:

The reason behind why people are being so bitter to her is unknown. All she is doing is enjoying her life and posting harmless photos of herself on the internet. Pakistanis need to know that just because someone is a celebrity or famous, does not mean that they do not have sentiments.

It is wrong and unethical to send ‘hate’ towards people who are doing nothing to harm you. To show gratitude for the contributions she has made to our country, below are five gorgeous clicks of the Senator.

Sherry Rehman’s photos

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