Pakistani dramas- what they are named vs what they actually mean

We’re nearing the end of this decade, 2020 is only a month away. You would think that as society moves forward, our media would as well but sadly, that is not the case in Pakistan. 

We belong to a country where most of our population is very impressionable. Our Media plays a really big part in our lives and watching dramas is a very common thing people like to do in the evenings to escape their lives for a while. 

But what is on TV today? The same thing that was on air ten or fifteen years ago. We still see most of the same stories where there’s a bechari larki and her parents are dying to get her married off, because apparently, women have no other reason to exist in the society other than to be married at 18. When her parents finally find her just about anyone to get married to, it turns out he is a stereotypical mard who basically just has to be horrible to her because clearly, good men don’t exist and if they do, don’t worry, they’ll be killed off within the first 3 episodes so better not get used to having them around. Que Armaan from Hasad or Fakhir from Khaas. 

Then we have the classic sass and nand roles. They have to be the least empathetic humans on earth. Who won’t even see that their bahu being treated like garbage and will actually add on to the abuse. Clearly showing that women are still prehistoric zaalim insaan. I see you Sassu ma from rishtey biktey hain

All these dramas revolve around women and how they need to be married asap. That’s all they’re meant to do and if (God forbid) they don’t -they’re a disgrace. We don’t see dramas about women studying and becoming doctors, lawyers or engineers (nope no one is going to watch that so let’s stick with horrible boring story lines that you can predict the ending of by the time you get to episode 4.)

Why is it that our media is still so scared of moving away from the age old tales surrounding marriage. Why are we as a society shown to be like we are from the stone age. Why do they still show being a woman as a disgrace or a burden when women in the real world are actually accomplishing great things? We have women in all fields of professions all across the country. When will they be represented? 

The media needs to take responsibility now. We need to move towards sources of entertainment that show more of who we are now not who we used to be. The people who watch these shows are forever going to think this is how it’s supposed to be and this is how it is in the average home when it is not. We need to show more of women’s accomplishments so it actually becomes normal to hear about.

Working women or successful women are still shown as they are always going to be evil, they can’t sustain a marriage or that they will be batameez. I’m looking at you Mona from Merey bewafa. This way of thinking won’t ever change until the people who portray such characters in their shows try to change this image.

We’ve come much further than what we are shown as, when will this change?

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