Here are 5 female Pakistani authors that MUST be on your reading list

If you are an avid reader and are out of authors to read, we have just the solution for you! Below are 5 top female Pakistani authors who have penned down novels that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and make you fall in love with reading all over again.

Tehmina Durrani

Tehmina Durrani’s first-ever novel, ‘My Feudal Lord‘ sparked a lot of controversies. In the novel, she openly talked about her abusive marriage to Ghulam Mustafa Khar, which made her subject to negative criticism. She is a women rights activist along with being an author.

Durrani is a marvelous writer whose novels such as Blasphemy, Happy Things in Sorrow Times and A Mirror to the Blind garnered international recognition.

Bapsi Sidwa

An award-winning Pakistani author, Bapsi Sidwa was born in Karachi. She is the country’s most celebrated diasporic writer. Growing up, Sidwa struggled with polio, however, she didn’t let that dim her light and is now a top Pakistani author.

In her four novels, she has touched sensitive and heart-touching issues such as violence against women, Pakistan-India partition, Parsi community and immigrating to the US.

Moni Mohsin

Born and raised in the city of Lahore, Moni Mohsin left for a boarding school in England at the tender age of 16 years. She went on to attend the prestigious Cambridge University, only to return to her homeland years later and inaugurate the country’s first nature magazine. Some of her famous novels include The Diary of a Social Butterfly, The End of Innocence, and Duty Free.

Sabyn Javeri

Sabyn Javeri is an alumnus of the University of Oxford and did her Ph.D. from the University of Leicester. Her short stories have gained a lot of popularity, as they were published in many international literary journals. Javeri’s debut novel, Nobody Killed Her, is a bestselling book and made her one of the best Pakistani authors.

Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie was born in Karachi. Although she has penned down eight heart-touching novels, her most noticed work of art is the book ‘Burnt Shadows’, which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize and has been translated into 20 languages! Her novel ‘A God In Every Stone’ was shortlisted for the 2015 Walter Scott Prize and the Bailey’s Women Prize for Fiction. Her non-fiction work includes the novel, ‘Offence: The Muslim Case’.

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