Mac Fix+ Spray – Worth the hype?

For the people who don’t know, the Fix+ is a lightweight water mist infused with vitamins & minerals that you can spritz directly onto your face after and even before applying makeup. It gently soothes and refreshes your skin all the while helping your makeup set- giving it a more natural look.


  • Soothe & refresh your skin
  • Improve the overall look/feel of your makeup
  • Hydrate/moisturize skin
  • Can be used before and after applying makeup

I have been using this product for a long time now and honestly, its a game-changer! It literally melts your makeup well into your skin, making it look more natural & smooth rather than powdery & matte.
Ever found yourself looking in the mirror and feeling like your foundation looks too textured or over-cakey? This helps finish EXACTLY that.
I love the way it melts all the products into my skin PLUS This spray smells absolutely amazing.
So basically it smells heavenly (depending on which one you choose),helps you give a more flawless finish to your makeup and i LOVE how the bottle looks! *shut up and take my money* Yes i like to splurge a little sometimes. Self-spoiling is necessary for every individual (read: female)


? Moisturizing
? Natural looking
? Long wearing
? Non-acnegenic
? Dermatologist approved


? A bit on the pricey side
? Subject to availability

You can get the Fix+ Spray in a variety of fragrances including Creamy Coconut, Romantic Rose, Calming Lavender and obviously the original soothing herbal aroma. 
Personally, i live for the creamy coconut spray because i love coconuts & the whole tropical vibe they have going on.... ? *sorry not sorry*

A question mostly asked by many who use this is that ‘will it make my makeup last, is it a setting spray or just a refreshing spray?’
The answer to these depends on your own preference and skin type.
Personally i feel like it moisturizes my face without leaving it to look too wet nor too matte. It balances everything in the middle which is why i keep running back to get this product. I have both sensitive and mildly dry skin sort of mixed with tinges of oily-ness (specifically on my t-zone) making my skin the most difficult place for new products to adjust. But if you have really dry skin this might be your skin’s new best friend!

Price : Rs. 4,500/- for the 100 ml spray.
The smaller sizes are cheaper.

They are awesome if you want something extra for when you’re going out at night time or days when you want to dazzle just a little bit more.
Plus you can also get the same spritz in super pretty shimmer hues of Pink and Gold.

Have you used any of these? Any tips or advice to give to others?
We’d love to know!

Disclaimer: Remember to do a patch test before getting into the habit of using any new product specially on your face!

*This is not a sponsored post*

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