Fireworks: A pretty sight not worth the risk!

We Pakistanis love ourselves something to celebrate about. Leave it to us to find every firework and Patakha under the sun and have them ready for use at all times. 

But have you ever thought of the effects these celebrations have on your surroundings? 

What harm could fireworks bring? They’re so pretty to look at!

Fireworks have been banned in Pakistan for over a decade now. Initially the ban was imposed after 7 people died in Rawalpindi in 2008 because they had illegally stored fireworks in their ground floor apartment and the fireworks exploded causing their 4-story building to collapse tragically taking their lives.

Enough fireworks in one place can act like an actual bomb. You, as a consumer, might not have that many in your house for them to act like a bomb but if shops and markets stock them, or the vehicles that transport these fireworks come in contact with any fire at all (even the tiniest spark from a cigarette) it can cause a massive explosion and this can trigger a chain reaction, blowing up every flammable thing in the area. 

If fireworks are lit inside your home or in the gardens any outdoor furniture or plant is at risk – not just yours but everyone around you too. 

One effect all pet owners are aware of is the noise. As these are usually lit late at night all the animals in the area get really scared animals have a heightened sense of hearing, the noise that scares adult humans are unbearable for animals.

You as a human know that fireworks are not a sign of danger but the animals that hear them can only sense danger – they don’t know what the noise is or why the sky is lit up with fire. This also affects older people and babies that need to get their uninterrupted sleep.

And lastly, the environment.

Living in a country where you already have toxic levels of smoke in the air, having huge firework shows is just adding to the insane amounts of toxins already present in the air. How does that even sound smart?

We know that this is what fireworks do, we’ve known for a very long time. why do we continue lighting them up year in and year out? Is it 100% necessary to celebrate with them? Shouldn’t we have found better, less dangerous and harmful, ways of expressing our happiness? 

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