Best breakfast spots in Karachi for a delicious halwa puri nashta

Best breakfast spots in Karachi for a delicious halwa puri nashta

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We wholeheartedly believe this too. Moreover, nothing beats the feel of a hot, well-made Halwa Puri, and breakfast at hotels is a whole vibe too.

Just to make sure that you don’t miss the delicious Halwa Puri in Karachi, we have shortlisted the 5 best breakfast spots in Karachi. You need to visit these hotels at least once to understand the hype.

1- Cafe Kouso

If you want to go out and enjoy the most delicious breakfast ever, then cafe Kouso would be all you need.

This cafe is popular for its Halwa puri. It is among the best breakfast spots in Karachi.

2- Dera Restaurant, Boat Basin

This is a famous spot for early morning breakfast.
Clifton is known for Boat Basin food strip. However, Dera Restaurant is worth a try for its mouth-watering Halwa Puri.

3- Tooso

Tooso is popular for its breakfast for over four decades. Its halwa puri is one of a kind.
Not only can you order breakfast in your car but it also has a sitting area for families.

Tooso is undoubtedly one of the best spots for breakfast in the Bahadurabad and PECHS area. You just can not miss Tooso’s breakfast if you’re in this area.

4- Master Juice

Master Juice is another place that offers you a tasteful Halwa Puri. Although it is famous for its juices, its halwa puri is not any less too.

This is among the top breakfast spots in the Defence Area.

5- Quetta Alamgir Hotel

This hotel would give you the traditional chai dhaba experience. Over the years, it has become a busy, popular spot at all times of the day. This is because of the mouth-watering breakfast it has to offer.

This is truly great for a street nashta.

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