3 delicious recipes with Pringles that you need to try out!

3 delicious recipes with Pringles that you need to try out!

Pringles is among the most loved potato chips brand in the country. This is because their savory potato flavor is a treat for the taste buds. They are also available in many flavors, which is amazing because you get to choose your favorite.

The chips gained so much fame that people now incorporate them in different recipes. If you want to know some ways you can get creative with the snacks then we have made a list of 3 mouth-watering recipes with pringles. Try these out to fall in love with them all over again.

1- Roasted chicken with a crunch

Roasted chicken with a crunch

This is a unique recipe because it involves baking. However, it is very easy yet delicious. All you need to do for this one is take boneless chicken and dip it in sour cream. After that, you need to roll the chicken up in crushed pringles. Put the pieces in the oven and start baking. Skinless breasts would take 20-22 minutes to cook.

You can also add another layer of your favorite pringles flavor to give it the extra crunch.

2- Pringles meatball

Pringles meatball

These chips aren’t only used for snacks now. They can be a part of the main course in your dinners. This recipe is different because the chips are not used as breadcrumbs. Instead, you need to wrap the meat around the crushed chips. After that, sauté in olive oil and mix them in your sauce (prepare it the way you like it).

This might sound weird but it is yummy!

3- Crispy vegetable tempura

Cripsy vegetable tempura

If you are a fish and chips lover, then this is one of the best recipes with pringles for you. Moreover, it is very simple too. Instead of using breadcrumbs, roll your tempura in Pringles. Make sure that the chips are properly crushed and the particles are fine enough so they won’t cut you when you eat. After that, fry the fish and you are good to go.

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