2 Must-Have products you should NOT be living without!

L’Oreal has really up-ed its game. I’ve never been much of a L’Oreal fan or user, if I couldn’t find any other product I would unwillingly resort to grabbing any product they could offer me. My point is the company never held much credibility for me nor did it have an ‘omg’ factor related to whatever it could offer.

That image however has recently changed thanks to 2 products that have transformed my life (read skin & hair) completely! Yes, i’m a fan and the only reason i found this important enough to be blogged about is based on the fact that everyone should benefit from these magical products.

Here’s a GIF of me posing with my fav 2. Heh.

Product # 1:

L’Oreal Mythic Oil.

The Mythic Oil range is ideally for normal and dry hair. It pampers your hair by treating it with oils enriched with hair care ingredients such as argan oil! Now anyone who is into taking care of their hair, knows how amazing argan oil is for them.

Why this?

Now the thing that i LOVE about this oil is that it softens and adds shine to my hair WITHOUT weighting my hair down! Yup.
Its an ‘oil’ so most people hear its name and think ‘oh its going to make my hair greasy ‘ (using a lot obviously will do that) but honestly 2-3 drops of this oil does wonders.


Apply 2-3 drops on damp hair, depending on your length before styling. Be careful not to over apply (a little goes a long way). Warm 1 to 2 pumps in the palms of your hands to use on dry hair to tame fly-aways & split ends. Can be used to give an overall shiny + healthy look to dull dry hair.

For extra nourishment, apply 6 pumps of the oil at night to the lengths & ends of your hair. Cover and sleep. Wash it out in the morning.
You can thank me later.

Super lightweight with a fluid-like texture makes it ideal for de-tangling plus gives hair more radiance before and after blow-drying/styling/straightening.

Mythic oil is so versatile . It’s equipped with heat protection of up to 230°C so you can use it as a heat protection serum when styling.
The thing that has me sold however is the fragrance. I’m all about products that smell nice & the mythic oil delivers. Period.

Rating: 10/10
Price: Rs. 1400 – 1800/- (for 100 ml)
Verdict: Worth.Every.Penny.

Product # 2:

L’Oreal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil

I am in love love love with this product, I always thought the extraordinary oil range from L’Oreal was highly overrated but man does it work.
I’ve been using this product for more than 2 months now and i am a FAN.

This is a high performance cleanser for all skin types. Also known as the 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil it instantly dissolves all traces of make-up and impurities even waterproof make-up & skin feels perfectly clean with a non-greasy finish. The oil formula helps to re-balance skin’s natural oil production for healthy-looking skin.

Why this?

Not only does it SMELL HEAVENLY (yet again) but it literally melts off the makeup from my skin + any dirt collected throughout the day. When used, it instantly removes make-up and impurities along with perfecting my skins texture.

I’ve been using this oil every evening and my skin has improved so much since day one! I have combination skin which is both oily & dry in small patches. This helps to sooth and reduce the overall texture of my skin.
Some people are cautious of putting ‘oil’ on their face thinking that it might cause them to break out.

Scientifically speaking, oil attracts other oil so an oil based cleanser can actually help you reduces oiliness on the whole. It’s amazing value for money and has the same result as higher end brands.


For daily use, apply 2-3 drops to dry hands and massage over your face in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water. Can also be applied to nourish dry or parched skin specially during winter.

Rating: 10/10
Price: Rs. 1500-1600/- (for 150 ml)
Verdict: Worth.Every.Single.Damn.Penny.

Remember to do a patch test before getting into the habit of using any new product specially on your face!
*this is not a sponsored post*

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