Yeh Dil Mera – The slowest drama in Pakistan’s history?

Yeh Dil Mera was a TV show that pleasantly surprised us all. “Finally! A Pakistani show that isn’t based around a sass, a bechari bahu and the ever-looming threat of the dusri biwi?”. It was a story that had us hooked from the very beginning.

Yeh dil mera

People got into this show for various reasons, some were just stans of Sajal and Ahad and would watch literally anything to see them together on screen, others were fans of Adnan Siddiqui or the rest of the stellar cast. If there’s one thing you can note about this show is that the main cast is impeccable at portraying their roles especially Ahad as Amaan and Sajal and Aina.

We’ve been in suspense for the past 29 weeks. What will happen? Will Mir Farooq’s truth be exposed? How will it happen? How will his daughter deal with knowing the truth??

We’ve been asking these questions every single week for at least 2-months now. The showrunners know that the audience is hooked and at this point, they’re pretty much milking it.

Is the story moving forward or just going backwards?

They’re giving us a single 2-minute clip of something new happening every week, just so we can’t say “Kuch hua he nahin” but other than that we are shown SO.MANY.FLASHBACKS. Like at this point we can all recite the dialogues of the Daryabagh flashbacks in our sleep. Why can’t they just add the new flashback without showing it to us from the very beginning – each time? Sure, there’s an art to the flashback – flash forward and adding bits and pieces thing but it’s been 30 weeks. Let’s get on with it!


Another part of the show we’re all either skipping or watching at a faster playback speed are the ridiculous conversations between Bua Jee and Khala. First of all we don’t even know how they met, does Bua Jee have the ability to teleport? Because last we saw her she was trying to find a way back to Islamabad. Sure, leave that plot hole there if it’s not integral to the story but then why do we have to watch them have ONE conversation 83 times? They’ve literally had more screen time than Aina has in the past 5 episodes.

We keep hearing Aina say time and time again that she’s going to prove that her father is innocent and she won’t leave Daryabagh until she does but man, she’s just been in the house sleeping and waking up to her terrible nightmares/suppressed memories. It’s like a ridiculous waste of Sajals amazing acting skills. Why build her up as a character like that if you’re not even going to use any of it and give her 3 seconds of screen time every couple of minutes? If her suppressed memories coming to surface are the key to her fathers downfall why make her say that she’s going to find proof over and over again, when she’s barely done anything to gather it so far?

Sis how many more naps do you need? DO SOMETHING!

How has her criminal mastermind father NOT figured out that Aina is in Daryabagh? Amaan literally revealed who he was and the only place he has actual ties to is the place that Mir Farooq never even thinks of? Especially since it’s his favourite murder location? Seriously?

” I will find you and kill you but srsly man where are you? You totally can’t be at Daryabagh. You’re such a mystery Amaan”

It seems as though Yeh Dil Mera is going to be one of those shows that give you a drop per week and then just open the flood gates in the last 2 episodes and finish the series with lots of unanswered questions.

There’s no reason why this show is still airing 30-weeks in. They could’ve beautifully packed each episode with a good story progression but since they know that the people are going to watch regardless, they’re just going to go for the turtle approach – “how slow can we progress the storyline while still keeping our audience hooked?”

I hope that however many episodes they have left they actually move forward and let more things happen in each episode. We can’t wait to see how the story really ends, if it ever does.

  • Nadeem says:

    Our writers/directors fail everytime when and how to end the story!! ?

  • nayab says:

    very slow drama…bore drama ne hamein b bore ker dya…her scene 5,5 baar daik chukey aik drama me.

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