If you haven’t watched these Turkish dramas, you are missing out on something good

Turkish dramas have been a thing in Pakistan for quite a long now. With their unique storylines and script, the dramas have gained immense viewership from the country.

Recently, the drama series Ertugrul became popular in the country. People were absolutely fascinated with the serial based on Historic events and were interested to dive even deeper into Turkish culture.

However, if you are out of Turkish series to watch, we have a list of dramas you MUST watch and if you haven’t, trust us you’re missing some quality content. These Turkish dramas will definitely provide you with something different and refreshing to watch.

Fatima Gul

Fatima Gul is one of those Turkish dramas which will take you into the story of the fight of a small-town girl who was sexually assaulted. The drama serial reveals the power of love. Fatima Gul is a story of heartbreak, love, and strength.


Feriha is the journey of an ambitious girl making her way through life trying to fit into the materialistic culture. The story shows how the girl feels the pressure of pretending to be something that she is not. It dives into the difficulties and obstacles that love has on its way as Feriha falls in love with Emir who is from a completely different world than hers. The drama will take you onto an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Ishq e Mamnoon

This Turkish drama series reveals how love does not have boundaries and no matter how hard you try to escape it, it can always find you. Bihter marries Adnan, as revenge from her mother, but ends up falling in love with Behlul, Adnan’s nephew. Then begins the story of forbidden love and relationships.


Karadyi sheds light on the story of a happy family split as the father is found guilty of a murder that he did not commit. Mahir, the son, then promises himself to find those actually responsible for the crime and to clear his father’s name. This serial is a mixture of revenge, honor, and also love.

Kala Paisa Pyaar

Kala Paisa Pyaar is one of those Turkish dramas with a unique take on love. The tale is all about mystery, thrill, and robberies and it will keep you glued to the TV screens till you get to the last episode. It is definitely something you do not get to see every day.

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