Someone give Sajal Aly a medal #YehDilMera

Hum TV’s “Yeh Dil Mera” has been one of the most watched dramas ever since it first aired. It pleasantly surprised the audiences that had longed for a Pakistani drama that wasn’t revolving all around a sass-bahu storyline.

Somewhere down the line the show started to get on peoples nerves by becoming a drag and re-adding flashbacks for more than half the episodes.

It had everyone chanting LETS. GET. ON. WITH. IT. PLS.

And finally, after 32 weeks, they did.

Sajal’s character “Aina” asked everyone countless times over the series questions about who killed her mother and Aman(Ahad Raza Mir)‘s family. No one ever gave her an answer, just a lot of crying and looking away.

If I look away she won’t know I know what she literally knows now

She has finally remembered all of her suppressed memories. Realising that she’s been the evidence she was looking for this whole time. Only, it’s not in favour of her father.

Sajal’s acting here is impeccable. Not only does she portray the panic and distress of someone who has just realised that her “nightmares” were suppressed memories of her mother’s murder but she also feels the loss of her father that she idolised all her life.

Every scene she had had us all glued to the screens!

Sajal almost perfectly echoing Mira Sethi’s screams when she found out about the murders was also beautifully done – showing how Aina became a mirror image of her mother, without ever really knowing her ????

We’re glad that after months of this show airing, the directors have finally decided to give Sajal the airtime she deserves. She’s truly proven what a powerful actress she is and how she doesn’t even need anyone else in the frame, she can do it all on her own!

Here we have to also mention the great performances given by Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Siddiqui.

Aman finally gets his revenge but is so deeply in love with Aina that he feels her pain more than he does the accomplishment of taking his perpetrator down. The fact that he was able to make us feel 2 emotions in the same scenes at the same time speaks volumes of his acting skills!

Adnan Siddqui has also outdone himself with the scene by the river bank. Him saying “Mujhy bhi yahan dafan kardo” when he’s been exposed was one of the most intense performances he’s ever given!

P.S: Did anyone notice the “2 takey” dialogue? Is this going to be an Adnan Siddiqui essential now?

Even though the show could’ve moved much faster and not killed us with the wait, we’re glad that episode 32 played out the way it did. The loose ends are being tied up really well and we’re eager to see how the story ends!

  • Rashi says:

    Sajal Aly is such a realistic actress…
    AHAD has my heart..
    To appreciate his acting the words will be less..
    Love them both ???

  • Bushra says:

    Sajjal n ahad you r both manjhey hue actors ho your big fan

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