Why are sisters fighting over the same man in every other Pakistani drama?

Pakistan’s drama industry was once known for its quality content. The drama serials were popular not only in the country but outside as well. People found the storylines unique, relatable, and realistic.  

However, in recent years, dramas based upon ‘unrealistic’ and ‘unpleasant’ themes are becoming common. One such theme includes showing two sisters fighting each other for a ‘man’. Some dramas pertaining to this theme became famous, for instance, Maat, Khamoshi, and currently, Kashf and Jalan. But now, this same theme has become recurrent. Producing dramas in which sisters happen to be interested in the same man are being normalized by directors.

Controversial stories

Such stories are known to have a ‘negative impact’ on viewers. Women in Pakistan actively view these serials and relate to them. Coming up with such storylines is only adding to the toxicity in the relationship sibling have with each other.

These television themes are damaging our social and moral values. Portraying sisters going to any extent to win over the guy and even wishing death for the other sibling is rather disturbing than entertaining.

This is not only affecting the relationship between sisters but also giving a new, immoral definition to the sister and brother-in-law relationship. This is because usually what happens in such serials is that the man marries to one of the two sisters, and later on the other sister develops an interest in him.


One such drama, Jalan, has just started airing recently. It features some big names like Emaad Irfani, working alongside Areeba Habib and Minal Khan. This is the ‘third’ time a drama with this name is being aired.
Two other channels aired dramas of the same name and a somewhat similar storyline include Geo Entertainment and A-Plus.

This recent drama on ARY Digital shows a girl named Nisha, played by Minal Khan, who falls for her brother in law and begins creating problems in the ‘happily married’ life of her own sister. One thing to be considered is that Nisha herself is also engaged.

The characters are being played by top actors and actresses, which makes the drama even more disappointing. Fans that follow these celebrities blindly find the drama and storyline highly interesting and will watch it anyways.

What the celebrities think about it

It is strange how these dramas always show two sisters fighting over the same man but hardly, two brothers doing it.

Stars like Saba Qamar, who featured in the drama ‘Maat’ that had a similar script, pointed the issue out and said that she won’t ever choose such a script again. She said she is ‘tired’ of reading out scripts where two sisters ruin their bond only because of a man.

Another super talented actor, Zahid Ahmed, discussed how the same themes are being repeated again and again which is boring the audience. His recent drama ‘Ishq Zah-e-naseeb’, became a huge success due to its unique storyline and interesting screenplay.

Drama producers and directors have a strong influence on the viewers. This is why, it is their responsibility to be careful with the content they choose to air, especially when it comes to the portrayal of family morals.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

  • Sam says:

    I do not watch these kind of dramas. They are hidden snakes in our society. Writers have no new story. I am missing old PTV dramas, aah golden time.

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