Sameera’s Ruswai has finally ended – A finale that moved everyone!

ARY Digital’s TV Drama Ruswai has aired its final episode. We’ve waited for months to see how Sameera’s journey as a survivor of gang rape concludes. A lot of people initially complained that the show was straying away from its main subject, but now, seeing how beautifully everything tied together. We finally know why different storylines progressed the way they did.

The episode begins with Salman’s mother finally being told off by both her son Salman and her husband. Oh how long did we wait for this to happen? It was amazing to actually see her be shown by the very people she was trying to “protect” that she’d been part of destroying their lives this whole time.

Everyone at this scene: eheheheheheh finally

Next, we see that Hamza is at last, able to get an appointment with the DIG Police that was handling Sameera’s case. When they get there, they’re told that the rapists are rich spoilt brats who break the law for “thrill” and get arrested and bailed out regularly. They’ve tried to keep them locked up but they can’t.

This is a very important scene. We see first hand how a survivor is told time and time again that they should just keep their head down and move on, they can’t fight this, not just by society but by the Police too – the very Police that’s there to literally catch the criminals.

Also when the officer says “Yeh aurat gain, jazbaati hain” and turns to Hamza and continues “Magar ap toh samajhdaar hain” made everyone as furious as Sameera was in the moment. A line many women get to hear when they want to fight for what is right. For them “men react while women, overreact”

Another part of this scene that might go unnoticed is the way the DIG just picks up the case files and shows Sameera the faces of her perpetrators, severely triggering her post-traumatic stress. This highlights how ill-equipped out forces are to handle cases of sexual abuse. In what world is it advisable to not give the survivor any caution beforehand? Sadly, that’s how things are done here. Sameera’s acting and the way the whole shot was set up was absolutely brilliant. It made the audience really feel the pain we felt when Sameera first came home after the incident.

Then we see Salman and Pinky’s relationship end. I’m glad that the show left no part of the storyline out and hey, it was kind of satisfying to see them both be mean to each other too – bonus!

Then we see that Sameera’s house is rained with bullets in the middle of the night. This shows the extent some criminals go to keep their victims quiet. This may seem theatrical but drive-by shootings are not uncommon in Pakistan. The fear of something like this happening further scares survivors from speaking out.

Throughout all of this, Dr. Feroz has stood by Sameera’s side with Hamza. It’s important to note how they took the place that should’ve been Sameera’s father and Salman in the first place. Had they not scared her and forced her to stay quiet, who knows how much sorrow she could’ve avoided? Having her brother and Dr. Feroz by her side at every step made sure that wherever she heard “No” they stood by her until it became a “Yes”

Here Salman, realising that he’s done Sameera wrong and owes it to her to make things right, goes to the DIG and says he’ll sit there until the 4 men are arrested.

Warda tells Sameera that her perpetrators have been arrested and she immediately runs to her lawyer. Turns out, only 3 out of 4 were arrested and the 4th goes to find her and kill her – but ends up killing Salman instead as he jumps in front of Sameera at the last second. Before he dies he tells Sameera that he still loves her and asks for her forgiveness.

We’re going to ignore that so many people could’ve jumped in and stopped the shooter because it ended Salman’s arc in a justified way. We hate him a little less now.

Then we get a 6-month time jump, Sameera has fought her trial and her perpetrators are sentenced to 25 years in prison and fined. She’s finally got her justice. We really wish we got to see more of the way the trial went and everything but at least she gets justice!

Warda and Hamza get the happy life they always wanted. Their relationship was tested time and time again, but the eventually find their way back to each other. Minna Tariq acts so well that she really got us all in the feels in this scene.

Next, we finally come full circle and see Sameera like she used to be. Happy and smiling, roasting people with subtle jokes, we missed this Sameera. She’s now married to Dr Feroz who seems to be keeping her very happy. Hella wholesome you guys!

And then, a scene none of us expected. Mukhtar Mai comes to congratulate Sameera in person. For those who don’t know who she is. She’s someone who’s real-life journey was almost the same as Sameera’s. She is a survivor of gang rape. She had an extremely difficult journey getting justice just like Sameera did. She’s now an activist and fights to help others who go through anything like this.

I doubt there was a single person who watched that scene and didn’t get goosebumps. Sana Javed’s acting really pierces through the screen and connects with the viewers.

Director Rubeena Ashraf and Writer Naila Ansari have finally brought us a Pakistani show that ended while tying up all of the characters individual storylines. “Ruswai” has managed to keep viewers hooked and waiting for the week to pass every time waiting for what happens next and gave us a finale where we all left feeling happy and satisfied. The show touched on various taboo topics that hadn’t been discussed before and has set the bar high for whatever comes next.

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    Last mei samira se milny kon se aurat aye te? 0or salman ka kya hua ta firing k bad?

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