HUM TV Sabaat Episode 1 – An interesting beginning

HUM TV has been coming out with a lot of amazing content consistently for the past few years. This week we’ve seen “Dilruba” and “Sabaat’s” premiere episodes. People have been anxiously waiting for Sabaat to air and now, we finally get to see the story start.

The part we’ve been anxiously waiting for has been Sarah Khan, finally in a darker role than usual. We’ve always seen her as the tortured bahu that bows down to everyone in her home. In Sabaat, she plays Miraal – a daddy’s girl who has never had to hear the word “No” and always gets her way. She makes it known all around her that she knows what’s best and that there’s no one like her. Her father seems to have enabled her and brought her to a point where she thinks she’s a little too good for the world.

This is emphasised the most when her grandmother says she sees a lot of herself in Miraal and she totally shuts her grandmother down by saying “I’m nothing like you”

One of the most surprising things about the episode was Mawra Hussain‘s character – Anaya. She plays a young engineering student. Who’s hardworking a determined, isn’t afraid to speak the truth even if it involves super public confrontation and from what we can gather from the end of the first episode is that she will also be an advocate for women’s rights (specifically rights against workplace harassment) its about time we see this subject being discussed on national television. This type of character is very different than Mawras usual gigs, it’s very interesting to see how Anaya’s life is moving forward.

Another key character so far has been Miraals brother, Hassan (played by Ameer Gilani) who seems to be like his sister but goes to the same University as Anaya. His interaction with Anaya makes him think about where his life is headed. He wants to change – to make a name for himself. He’s going to be the one that ends up bringing all the characters together.

Something we have to mention though is our absolute favourite Dad on TV Syed Muhammad Ahmed.

It’s always so heartwarming to see his character interact with his daughter, no matter which series it is. The relationship between him and Anaya was adorable to see and also drew a contrast between the two homes and the two father-daughter relationships. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the two homes affect these storylines as they end up converging.

So far, the series looks like a refreshing storyline. Hopefully, we won’t end up with the regular Saas Bahu issues and it’ll continue to be the interactions between the main characters and their journeys. We’re excited to see how it all unfolds.

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