Drama Reviews: ‘Meherposh’ Episode 1

Meherposh” has just aired its first episode on Geo TV. It’s produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. Directed by Mazhar Moin and written by Misbah Nausheen. 

The biggest selling point of the show has been the fact that it stars real-life couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor. This is their first show together since they got married! The rest of the cast includes Rehan Sheikh, Sania Saeed, Ali Abbas, Zainab Shabbir, Iffat Rahim and Ismat Zaidi.

The episode begins with us being introduced to Mehru (Ayeza Khan) and her family – Her father Master Jahanzeb (Rehan Sheikh), her mother Nusrat (Sania Saeed) and her younger sister Aayat (Zainab Shabbir). We see how this family is filled with love and care for each other and are all excited and planning Mehru’s wedding to Naeem (Ali Abbas).

Here we get to meet the antagonist of the series – Shakeela (Iffat Rahim) who wanted Mehru (and her secure job and benefits) to marry her son Waqas (Syed Arez). Shakeela is upset to find that her own bhabi Surraiya (Ismat Zaidi)has already beat her to it and gotten her son Naeem engaged to Mehru and are talking wedding dates.

“Surriya bhabhi did WHAT?”

We also meet Shahjahan (Danish Taimoor). We learn that he is the one Master Jahanzeb calls whenever he needs help with something. The character is set up in a way that you just HAVE to like him. He seems kind-hearted and sweet. It’ll be nice to see how they show the layers of his character.

We saw numerous scenes of Ayat reacting to Shahjahan or simply his name. She stares at him for a little too long and always has some sort of response to his name being mentioned. This might be foreshadowing that she might end up in a slightly negative role going forward if Mehru and Shahjahan end up together.

Okay the dupatta biting was a bit much sis

A part of the show that unexpectedly won everyone’s hearts was the relationship between Mehru’s parents. They’re shown as an incredibly loving couple who isn’t just together for their family but they genuinely adore each other.

Please take SEVERAL minutes to appreciate the wholesomeness here

This has been A LONG TIME COMING. We desperately need some representation of couples that are older and in love. Our shows have always shown parents as people who just “guzara” with each other. Which ends up normalizing unhappy marriages. Their relationship ended up being a best part about this episode for us.

“Men KoI aAm LaRkA nAhIn HoOn”

We don’t get to see a lot of Naeem but we do get a scene where Naeem says that his “ideal woman” is one that hasn’t ever even thought of another man. He wants someone that’s “entirely his”.

The episode ends at Mehru waiting at a shopping center with heavy bags that Shahjahan comes to pick up. While he’s getting the bags, Naeem and his mother see them and Naeem asks “who is that man”.


And end scene.

This has been the first show in a really long time where the first episode hasn’t had everyone skip over some parts. It’s been engaging throughout and introduced all the characters without wasting too much time lingering onto one.

Ayeza and Danish barely had any scenes together on their own but the few that they did already show how undeniable their chemistry is. We cannot wait to see how their characters grow.

Have you seen the first episode of Meherposh yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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