300 Newborn Girls’ Dead Bodies Were Recovered From Garbage Piles In 2017

In 2018, while the entire world chants the slogans of ‘rights for all’ and gender equality, in Pakistani society, female infanticide or femicide remains an actual reality.

Femicide basically refers to killing an infant due to her gender. As absurd as it sounds, even in today’s era of progressive approach, Pakistan’s obsession with sons claims the lives of hundreds of innocent girls every single year.

In last year alone, Edhi Foundation found 355 dead bodies from garbage dumps across the country, while most number (i.e 180) was found across the city of Karachi alone – exposing how grave the situation is.

Source: DAWN

A senior member from Edhi, Anwar Kazmi, recalls a horrifying incident in Karachi where an infant was STONED to death by a Muslim cleric on the doubt of being an illegitimate child.

“A few people found a baby at the doorstep of a mosque in Karachi, and they handed the baby over to the prayer leader. The cleric decried that this is an ‘illegitimate baby’ and he should be stoned. Resultantly, the baby was stoned to death. I tried to register a case against the cleric, but nothing happened” – shared Anwar with News International.

Kazmi said that though they come across many horrible incidents, this one of stoning a newborn baby still haunts his soul.

Spokesperson of Chippa Welfare Foundation Shahid Mehmood said that even if they are abandoned by their own families, being a welfare organization, they can’t abandon them. They give them a proper burial and bury them in their own graveyards.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, about 4.2 million women in Pakistan experience unintended pregnancies. Extremely limited legalization of abortion leads to couples choosing infanticide. But as 99% of these killed newborns are females, we can’t ignore the fact that the gender plays a major part in it as well.

Even though child abandonment and infanticide both are a crime under Pakistan’s Penal Code, the notion that women can’t contribute to family income and are in fact a ‘burden’ is worsening the situation.

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WATCH VIDEO 🎥 | Muslim Woman Tied To Tree, Canned For Eloping With A Hindu Lover

A Muslim woman was tied to a tree and beaten for hours for eloping with a Hindu man in Bihar, India. The horrifying video shows a young woman being mercilessly thrashed and humiliated by people who circle her.

According to New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV), the girl sneaked out of her house when the power was out. When the electricity was missing due to some technical fault for hours, the woman made an excuse and went missing to unite with her boyfriend who belonged to a different faith.

The family went looking for her and when she was found, she was brought back and ‘panchayat’ or the village court ordered to tie her to the tree and physically assault her. The boy is also being searched for but he is on the run.

For over five hours, the girl was mercilessly beaten by the villagers and her parents also took part in the act. The police have chosen to stay out of the matter as the incident hasn’t been formally reported to them but the viral video has sparked an intense outrage on social media.

Here is the disturbing video that made rounds on the social media:

Natasha Fatah, the Canadian journalist, shared the news on her Twitter. 

She wrote that the helpless girl was tied and beaten for hours but no one came to help her out and in fact, everyone including her own family participated in the heinous act.

“Muslim girl in India tied to a tree and caned by her family for falling in love with a Hindu boy. Punishment issued by local elders (panchayat) for the girl “dishonouring” her family. She was tied for five hours. Nobody helped her. The boy is on the run.” – she wrote.

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EVERYTHING Is Wrong With India’s Reaction To Tanushree’s Sexual Harassment Claims Against Nana Patekar

#MeToo campaign is gaining momentum and many brave women have stepped up to share their plights. While that remains an act of unmatched valour, the society’s treatment of these women, however, is disgraceful.

We have already seen how Pakistanis reacted to Meesha Shafia and Sharmeen Obaid but the recent incident of Tanushree Dutta has further raised questions on how ready we are to listen to the victims.

Former actress Tanushree Dutta accused the infamous Nana Patekar of sending political party goons to intimidate her after she left a special song sequence due to actor’s offending, indecent and inappropriate conduct back in 2008. Following her allegations, a video of the attack also surfaced the internet – blessing strength to her claims.

“I was threatened and my car was attacked… The harassment continued for years. I was attacked by a political party at the behest of Nana Patekar.” – said Tanushree.

She further said that Me Too campaign in India can’t move further unless what happened to her in 2008 is recognized. But people have thrown all sorts of hurdles her way when she needed the most support. Here are some of the perspectives gathered up.

Tanushree revealed that she was sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss in 2008. As a protest against Nana’s inappropriate behaviour, she chose to walk out. Though many people have ridiculed her and blamed her for making this attempt for attention seeking, Tanushree said that in all these years, the actress in her has already died.

Several actresses including Twinkle Khanna, Farhan Akhtar, Renuka Shahane, Richa Chadha and Priyanka Chopra have spoken in support of Tanushree while many including Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachan have opted for a more diplomatic and unbiased role.

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Model Sadaf Kanwal’s Comments On Sexual Harassment Victims Land Her In Controversy

Sexual Harassment remains a stigma-plagued issue in Pakistan, hence for the victims to open up remains a challenge. We have already witnessed the backlash Meesha Shafi faced in the regard when she accused the fellow artist Ali Zafar. Unfortunately and shamefully, the benefit of the doubt lied with the accused male artist, subjecting Meesha to ridicule and mocking. We have seen the same pattern of attitude in Ayesha Gulalai’s and Sharmeen Obaid’s case as well. Hence it remains a persistent societal attitude, which depressingly we can’t seem to get rid of soon.

In such unsupportive social dynamics, for a harassment victim to speak and raise voice remains a task beyond difficult. But when a woman speaks out, another few are encouraged – as we witnessed in Meesha’s case when 4 more women followed her up.

Hence, opening up for a victim needs a lot of gathering up the courage. Completely turning a blind eye to the sensitivity of the issue, Pakistan’s hot modelling sensation Sadaf Kanwal spoke some rather controversial words, landing her in aggressive scrutiny.

The 25-year-old modelling and acting sensation, during her interview on ‘Tonite with HSY’, said that when it happens, it should be spoken about at the moment, not later.

“You know, when you have a MeToo incident, say it then. Why are you remembering it later? I think when it happens you should say it.” – She said.

She went on saying that if it ever happens to her, she will say it at the moment. And she won’t do it on social media, but tell everyone.

Model Amna Ilyas, the other guest on the show, however, disagreed with her and said that it is not as easy as it looks like.

“When you think it’s the right time you will speak up. Many people don’t have the strength to speak up at that moment. You need a lot of strength to say something like that.” – commented Amna.

Her comments also caused a social media uproar. The internet community asked to #cancel her. Here are some of the comments:

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Mrunal Thakur From ‘Love Sonia’ Shares Heartbreaking Stories Of Sex Workers

Use of screen and raising awareness on issues using the power of film and dramas has become the most potent form of executing the message. Though we have seen many in the recent years, a recent one is making the buzz.

‘Love Sonia’ by Tabrez Noorani touches the sensitive topic of human trafficking – something that exists very acutely but due to the taboos attached to it in conservative societies, it is under-talked. On average, over 240 girls in India go missing every single day, while majority of them get trapped in this business.

Tabrez has been actively involved in social work and has worked with NGOs focused on the cause. He was introduced to Human Trafficking in Los Angeles in 2003, when few girls including one Indian, were found in a container from China. The incident touched him and he dedicated all his work towards raising awareness on the issue. He has also been a part of several brothel raids.

Indian-American project ‘Love Sonia’ tells a heart-wrenching tale of two sisters, one is sold to traffickers by debt-ridden father while the other follows her in hope to rescue her but gets trapped in the business herself as well.

Lead role of ‘Sonia’ is played by Indian TV Star Mrunal Thakur, who executed it quite brilliantly.

Sharing her experience while shooting for the movie at NDTV, Mrunal shared the real life stories the sex workers shared with her while she was visiting them during the project. Hardly holding her tears back, Mrunal shares the devastating stories she came to know while talking to the actual victims of the brutal cycle.
Serving 30 to 40 clients every single day for less than a dollar, the lead actress shares heartbreaking incidents she discovered in their own words. Here is what she had to say:

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Beaten And Called ‘Prostitute’ By Her Own Mother – Hina Altaf Shares Disturbing Details About Her Past

Hina Altaf is one of the most fresh, glimmering and energetic assets that the Pakistani media industry has. With her dominating confidence, she definitely stands out in the room.

However, past hasn’t been very kind to the Udaari superstar as she shares it. Few months back, Hina uploaded a picture on her Instagram on the occasion of Mother’s Day that left everyone quite confused.

She said that while everyone shares precious moments with their mothers on the day, she will be sharing with her tattoo – that said ‘Alam’


However, in a recent episode of ‘Remind with Samina’, Hina opened up about her harrowing past with the veteran actress Samina Peerzada.

She said that she longed for love and support from her family, who completely withdrew their comfort after she joined acting. Hina said that her mother struggled with mental health, so she would brutally beat her, leaving her bruised.

It was evident from the actress’s discomfort how hard it was for her to share all this, let alone facing it. Home is the most reliable institution for a person, however when your blood relations start to label you as ‘prostitute’ for pursuing your passion, a person is certain to break down. Hina’s story is no different but what the most upsetting part about it is that her own mother was her abuser.

She said there were days when she would reach the shoot bruised, covering them and lying to people how she got them. Struggling immense depression, Hina decided to move out. On her journey to discovering herself, she met Doctor Alam – her messiah.

Hina said that when her own blood relationships turned their faces away from her, Doctor Alam was the only home she knew. Slowly treating her depression and improving her mental illness, Hina owes where she stands today to none other than her doctor. Here is what Hina shared about her past:

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