Weight loss pills work like magic but at the expense of….

Miracle weight loss pills, teas, patches. We all have heard of them and chances are we all know someone that might’ve tried these “instant solutions

Miracle Supplements?

Companies that make these “miracle supplements” prey on the insecurities of people. Making billions of dollars promising them shortcuts to lose weight
These companies use words like “detox” in their title, making us think they are something positive, getting rid of toxins! When in reality, the only things that can remove toxins from our bodies are our own organs – our kidneys, lungs and liver amongst others.

Unless you’re going to be fitting more of these into you, nothing is going to detoxify anything. 

They’ll take an ingredient that exists in nature and call their supplement “natural”- natural does not mean safe. 

Why Supplements Can Be Risky-

Supplements are not cleared by the FDA. They are not treated as pharmaceutical medication. They do not need to be proven safe or that they work. The only time these supplements are reviewed is after a negative outcome occurs and usually in huge numbers before something is done about them. 

This has happened in the past where people have experienced severe side effects, the most prominent being heart valve disease. Others include bleeding in the brain causing strokes. Irregular heart rates, seizures and deep depression. 

Risks Involved-

A lot of the pills, teas or patches available over the counter are basically just laxatives. They’ll just make you poop all the weight away. The rest flush out sodium and water. Of course the scale is going down, you’re dehydrated. Seeing the weight drop on the scale makes people want to keep using them for weight loss. By the time they think of stopping their gut health has taken a  significant hit. They’ll have already damaged their digestive system and can also damage nerves and muscles of the colon. 

There’s no miracle shortcut to losing weight. Even if something provides a short term solution it is not going to hold up overtime. Eventually our bodies adapt. If you take Appetite suppressants you’re brain readjusts within 12 weeks and the suppressant no longer works. 

What Actually Works the ‘Right Way’:

The only thing that’s actually been proven to work for weightloss has always been a caloric deficit. Eat less calories than you burn. Not a crash diet of 600 calories. Eat! Incorporate healthy eating habits that you can keep up forever, don’t deprive yourself of certain foods – just be mindful of not over eating. Crazy diets can mess with your hormones, ovaries and thyroid. 

Exercise, it can be any mode of working out but something to get your heart rate up! You burn calories by getting that heart rate up, breathing faster, not by just sweating. 

If there was a magic bullet that cured obesity, it would no longer be one of the biggest problems humans face today. Make sure you battle this the safe and healthy way, because at the end of the day, you being safe and alive is the most important thing of all. 

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