Sadia’s weight loss journey after constant BULLYING is all the motivation you need today!

If you’re looking for motivation to lose weight or get healthy, then this story right here will give you the boost to get in that gym gear. The story of this young girl, who didn’t let criticism, and hate get her down, got tired of the persisient comments she received on her body, which led her on her amazing weightloss journey.

Backlash and criticism

Body-shaming is common in Pakistani societies. People, without considering how it can impact one’s mental health, try their best to bring the other individual down. From passing comments on someone being underweight, overweight, or even on their skin color, people stoop low to a disturbing extent. A victim of such negative and toxic comments was Sadia, who had been bullied for her weight ever since she was a little kid.

Self-shattering comments such as, ‘you won’t get married’, ‘you will look pretty if you lost weight’, etc. were thrown at the girl all the time. People laughed at her and ridiculed her in the most pathetic way possible until last year when Sadia finally decided to shut the bullies up once and for all by losing weight.

Sadia’s weightloss journey

Where there were people who ridiculed her, Sadia’s friends inspired her to lose weight in a positive way. They motivated her to lose weight for HERSELF and not for society’s acceptance.

She started a keto diet-plan and within a period of 4 months, she went through drastic changes. The best favor she did to herself was permanently changing her lifestyle and sticking to it. Sadia immediately had a boost in confidence.
However, sadly, even after losing weight, people still found ways to throw their negative remarks on her and bully her. But Sadia developed immense self-love for herself and didn’t bother them this time because she realized that people can never be satisfied and the best they can do is bring you down.

Not giving attention to such toxic individuals and doing your thing is the right path to choose. Loving yourself will make you grow and glow. Sadia is a perfect example of that. She is absolutely gorgeous the way she is. You go girl!

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