Nida Yasir uploads a photo without makeup, faces massive backlash

Nida Yasir is facing backlash over uploading a picture without makeup on her Instagram. We all are well-aware of who Nida Yasir is. She is a famous name in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she is the host of one of Pakistan’s most famous morning shows, ‘Good Morning Pakistan’.

Nida and her family faced a lot of hateful comments after she and her family tested positive for coronavirus the previous month with people wishing bad on her along with her family. She definitely went through a difficult time with all the toxicity and well it seems like she is again a target.

Facing backlash

Nida Yasir recently uploaded a picture of her without makeup and covered in a dupatta. She captioned a prayer about the pandemic ending and well surprisingly, what should’ve been a positive post, met a lot of negative comments. People gave Nida bad remarks about her looks. People made sure they made the host feel bad about her looks and appearance.
She replied to some comments saying she cannot stay in ‘makeup’ all the time, however, she also let many comments go.

Here’s how the people responded:

What the backlash taught us

The comments under Nida’s picture are proof that people can be disturbingly insensitive. Women especially, are made a target of body-shaming, mean comments about their facial features and so much more. Surprisingly, the same people feel the need to give hate to the celebrities who do wear makeup as well and bash them over using ‘a lot of makeup’.

It is highly disturbing how actors are made a target of online bullying. Makeup or no makeup, no human being on earth deserves such treatment, especially if they are extending their prayers for everyone coming across the post. People are not considerate about the negative impact these comments can make in someone’s mind and how self-shattering they can be and this is not the first time something like this has happened, it is becoming extremely common. Previously, Marwa Hocane had to go through similar distasteful experiences regarding body-shaming.

It is so easy to spread hate and play with some individual’s emotional wellbeing. It seems people are never satisfied and feel that the celebrities aren’t humans, and can be hit with criticism, hate, and negative comments by the public without them having second thoughts about it. However, this needs to STOP as no individual on earth needs to feel sorry about their existence and the way they are.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Ruby says:

    People behave insane, it should not b, nida love you

  • Sana Nabeel says:

    I dont know y cant ppl let others live.

  • Amna Awan says:

    She looks really good mashaAllah..

  • Hafsa says:

    It’s the hypocracy of our people.On one side they are saying that Agha insults women by saying his wife to not get fat nd here when a woman who has done a lot of service for us provide us with a lot information about makeup daily routine cooking marriages celebration ways etc come with her real look without makeup the same people again trolling her. Our nation needs to know how to react on a statement or pic of a celebrity. No doubt they are public property but if u harm a public property insult her u must be sued. So plzz react in a mature manner nd respectful way.

  • Fatima says:

    Looking nice

  • Sadia inam says:

    Looking cute ❤️

  • Mehr says:

    Nida Yasir looks much more beautiful without makeup and head covered than without it. Nida, let those haters bark; you just cannot make everyone happy. Your aim is to make AlLah swt happy only Who gave you a new life.

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